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Happy Blogging Birthday to me.

Can you believe that I’ve only just realised at 5pm this evening that today is my bloggy birthday! How rubbish am I? (Don’t answer that).

My blog is 2 years old! I’m officially a toddler blog. I’m a bit of a late developer to be honest, I reckon I’m only just at the shaky first steps as I am not quite where I want to be with it yet. My blog is definitely a work in progress.

For those of you who are still reading my blog thank you very much for your support, your social media sharing and your comment love. I really do appreciate it. I know my blog has been a bit all over the place over the last few months, and I’ve not been very consistent with blogging regularly. My posts are a bit scattergun, one minute I’m regaling you with tales of my narcolepsy, the next how I am breaking the law, the next I’m recipe blogging and then the next minute I’m giving you my inner thigh measurements! Talk about wide ranging! Read more…

An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Port Douglas

Onwards from Darwin we flew on to Cairns and then drove to Port Douglas on the next stage of our Aussie Adventure.

imagePort Douglas is the ideal starting point for families wanting to see The Great Barrier Reef and surrounds. Port Douglas is a lot smaller than I imagined it to be, but it is perfect for families with a number of resorts dotted about. Read more…

Is food your medicine or your poison? What I learned from The Paleo Way conference.

I have been following a Paleo way of eating now for the last 3 months and there is no doubt that I’m better for it. My moods are better, my sleep quality is better, I’ve lost weight, I have more energy and I no longer get those nasty mid afternoon energy slumps.

This week I was lucky enough to go along to The Paleo Way conference hosted by paleo SuperChef himself Mr Pete Evans.

For my readers in the UK if you don’t know him he is the Australian equivalent of Gordon Ramsey but with less swearing and more surfing. Read more…

Why thin is a dirty word.

If someone were to tell you how thin you are looking, what would be your reaction?

Would you think, that’s great what a nice thing to say?

Would you think I’m really happy with that, thin is what I was aiming for?

Do you think being told you’re thin is a compliment?


Would your reaction to being called thin be the complete opposite?

Would you be offended? Would you see it as an insult or at the very least a back handed compliment?

Would you analyse? Is there more to this comment than meets the eye.

Is thin what we women aspire to be? Is being thin the ultimate success for us as women? The holy grail, our whole reason for being? Read more…

From Fat to Fit – The downs, the ups and running ‘The Paleo Way’

A brief interruption to holiday programming to up date you on how I’ve been going in my Fat to Fit Series.

Since the start of the year I have been documenting my journey back to my ‘old self’ since the birth of my second Gorge Bag child in Mid December.

You can read how it all started here, where I explained the background and what I was aiming to do.

I have had some ups and downs since I started. I started off mentally strong and super motivated to get back to full fitness and lose the baby weight. I did my own circuits around the park with baby bear while the (original) Bear was in Kinder or crèche and while I did keep that up, I began to struggle after a few weeks.

The sheer lack of sleep coupled with looking after a very busy 3 year old who was, let’s just say ‘adjusting’ to the new addition and leave it at that!, coupled with having no family around to help at all meant I struggled to manage day to day let alone fit in any exercise. I was eating crap, kidding myself that I needed the extra calories for breastfeeding and I actually put on more weight after the birth. On top of feeling like a rubbish mum for not being able to cope, I also started to feel rubbish when I looked in the mirror – all I saw was a big fat milking machine. Not pretty.

That was the down.

Then there was the up. Read more…

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