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A letter to my girl.

To my dearest darling beautiful baby girl,

I am writing this letter to you because; although you don’t know it, today is a very special day.

This day is significant, because today marks the day that you have been ‘out’ as long as you have been ‘in’.

Today my gorgeous, is your 9 month birthday.

You spent 9 months inside me, growing into a beautiful perfect, healthy little bundle of perfection until you were ready to pop out and meet your family.

During those months inside me, you were developing the very essence of who you are going to be and now that you have had the chance to grow outside the safe protective haven my body provided your little personality is beginning to shine through.

You know exactly what you want and exactly how to get it. You play me like a fiddle and I wouldnt have it any other way.

Very early on, you advised me pretty stearnly that the bottle was not for you. Not a chance were you going to drink from a plastic bottle EVER, when the other option was so much more comforting. At first I was frustrated but then I came to realise that you knew best, and as you feed from me your wide blue eyes look up at me telling me this way is so much better. ‘See mummy’ your eyes tell me as your quivering body calms at my breast, ‘this is all I wanted’, and as my body too relaxes and moulds with you your little hand grasps at my body to be yet closer still.

Your infectious giggle makes my heart soar with joy on the darkest of days. When I doubt myself. Am I good enough? Am I doing this right? One gummy smile from you as your head appears over the sofa cushion as you heave yourself to standing on wobbly legs; tells me I am doing a pretty good job.

Your first word is ‘mama’. Well, more specifically ‘mamamamamamama’.
You’ve been ‘talking’ for 3 weeks now. I could happily sit and just listen to you all day long. You are learning about the world around you so quickly.

I watch as you crawl around the house following your big brother around, wanting to be involved in his games, I smile to myself as I watch you attempt to clamber over the makeshift barricade the Bear has built to stop you eating his puzzle pieces.

You have no idea, no comprehension of the unbridled joy you brought me when you arrived and of the sheer gut wrenching, heart bursting, to the moon and beyond love I feel for my two precious gifts.

My beautiful, smiley gorgeous girl.
I love you.

The Bear – A week in the life.

Monday: Why is poo brown Mummy?

Tuesday: Why don’t you have a pouch for me to sleep in like the kangaroo Mummy?

Wednesday: Why can’t people walk on the microwave Mummy?
Me: The microwave?
Bear: yes the microwave, where the bridge is.
Me: The microwave, cooks our food.
Bear: no, no where the cars are
Me: do you mean the motorway?
Bear: yes Mummy, the microwave
Bear: why can’t people walk on the microwave Mummy?

Thursday: Can I eat my chalkboard Mummy?

Friday: I have a headache in my trousers Mummy.

Saturday: Where is England Mummy?
Bear: Is it in America Mummy?
Bear: Is it in Australia Mummy?
Bear: Mummy, is England in Melbourne?

Sunday: How did Florence get in your tummy Mummy?

Me: Ask your father.

Celebrating the #littlevictories

Since husb and I started to change our eating habits, moving away from sugary processed foods and working towards a ‘cleaner’ diet, free from chemical nasties, preservatives, ingredients I can’t pronounce and refined sugar there is absolutely no doubt that we both feel and look better for it.

Did I mention that husb jumped on my paleo bandwagon too and is really feeling the benefit? No? Well he did . . . And he is!

Which brings me to the Bear.
We have never fed him particularly badly in the scheme of things considering what he could be eating, but now that I am much more aware of hidden sugars and yucky chemical flavour enhancers and preservatives in foods it has made me really look at what we are feeding him. Just one look at some of the foods marketed at kids these days is enough to shock you, most of the ingredients I wouldn’t even recognise as actual foodstuffs.

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I confess – I’ve been having an affair

Bless me blog readersĀ for I have sinned, it has been too long since my last confession and the weight of guilt weighs heavy on my heart. I must get it off my chest, I must assuage the guilt.

I could give you all sorts of excuses, I was lonely, my husb doesn’t understand me; but the truth is, it was all me.
I started the whole thing. It was upon my selfish insistence that my loving husb finally gave in simply to make me happy. And how do I repay him?

By having an affair.

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Why Disney have been lying to us.

I’m in a state of shock as I write this, still reeling from the recently discovered revelation that Disney have been lying to our precious children. Yes, since 2003 Disney have been letting our future generation believe blatant untruths when the reality is completely different.

We need to talk about Nemo. . . .

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