Blogging from Down Under

I’m still here . . .

So, long time no see, or hear, or in fact any form of communication at all. 

My Bad – Soz!

You’ve probably either

a) completely forgotten about me or

b) wondered if I have disappeared off the face of the planet


b) then a)

Well, you’ll be ecstatic so see that I am in fact still around.

The truth of it is that organisation is not one of my key strengths and I’ve had quite a lot going on of late so the blog was the thing to suffer – then I got out of the habit of doing it, then I had not been into it for so long, I couldn’t remember my password, then I inputted the wrong one 3 times and well you get the gist eh!

Still its all good – here I am.

Aaaaanyway, moving on from my (very slight) blog hiatus in the time that I have not been blogging, I’ve changed.

Yes, it has been a while and it was the other day that I realised, when looking in the mirror, that I no longer recognise myself.


My sister has been staying with us, she’s gone home now boo, sad face etc but we decided to go out for a meal together on her last night to say bye and get drunk.

Now I don’t get out very often, so the prospect of going out for a nice meal was very exciting and despite it being a school night, I thought I’d doll myself up a bit in honour of the occasion.

I showered etc and was about to apply my ‘bombshell’ makeup when I realised that my skin was the colour of mushroom soup and looked as dry as the outback. Quickly realising that no amount of brightening foundation was going to sort it  out I thought I would give myself a quick face scrub to slough off all the dead skin and attempt to bring it to life.

Unfortch, no face scrub left – dammit.

So next best thing, I fashioned together a detoxifying facial scrub from my kitchen cupboard.

Yep, thats right – the kitchen.

Next thing I know I have a thick sticky combo of mashed avocado, coconut oil and himalayan rock salt smushed all over my face!

I’ve got to be honest – I’m not entirely sure what possessed me, but I scrubbed away until I could scrub no more (and drew some blood – oops) before finally rinsing off to reveal bright shining and red raw skin underneath.

I may have gone a touch overboard.

Still, onwards and upwards, I moisturised and applied my makeup as usual and I’ve got to say the end result wasn’t half bad. . . .

But . . . .

And there is always a but . . . .

I may have overdone it with the salt, my lips stung a lot. Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘beestung lips’, plus – and this is not an insignifacant one, all my food tasted like salt,

Salty chicken liver pate anyone?

Can I tempt you with salty venison?

How about salty pistachio souffle?

Still, it wasn’t all bad, at least we got some money off our bill – I mean it’s not my fault the chef can’t season the food properly is it?



We made it! – the first year.

Today is not just 17th December 2014.
Today is the very special day that we celebrate

welcoming our beautiful little baby girl into the world.
image1 year ago this very day our second baby came hurtling into the world at a speed of knots.
One minute I was making mince pies and giving them to the Bear to sample and the next I was in full on labour, trying to hide it from him while giving him his dinner and waiting for husb to get home from work.

Fab mincers if I do say so myself.

Fab mincers if I do say so myself.

I remember very clearly how I felt at every point of that time, from the first is it/Isn’t it? contractions to the full on (almost birth) in the back of the car. To getting to the hospital and pushing her out all within 15 minutes.image
I remember the unconditional love I was flooded with as I looked into her dark eyes and for a few moments I lost myself in those deep eyes. I remember just staring and staring at this perfect little bundle we’d created.image

And now, we are celebrating her 1st Birthday in the beautiful Whitsundays.
How did that happen? imageAll I did was blink and suddenly she’s nearly walking she’s her own little person and my heart is filled with love to bursting point every time I look at her and her gorgeous big Bear brother.

imageHappy 1st Birthday my Angel, Florence Daisy.
I love you xxxx

The top 5 fibs I’ve told my children.

Now, come on, don’t go reading this and being all shocked and offended by the fact I’ve told little white lies to my children (read child the others too young to understand) plus I could tell her anything at all and as long as I am
saying it in a singy songy voice she’ll be giggling away like a goodun.

Nah this is fibs I’ve told the Bear because maaaaan that boy asks a lot of questions.

A lot

A lorra lorra lot (Cilla Black my Aussie friends – google her).
But back to it – don’t you go trying to tell me that you haven’t told the odd tiny little fiblet, every once in a while. (Or everyday in order to get 30 seconds peace before the next set of questions begins.)

So, here they are – my top 5 porky pies.
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It’s been a bad day – please don’t take a picture.

I’m borrowing a few words from REM today because, well, . . . .clues in the title.

If I’m honest it’s been a bad few days but I couldn’t find song lyrics to suit, so just work with me.

I have been feeling pretty low over the last few weeks really, nothing horrendous, just life getting on top of me a bit. It’s hard work this stay at home mum lark.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not  suggesting for a minute that it is any easier being a working mum I am just saying that in my situation as a stay at home mum I’m struggling a bit.

I am tired,

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Melbourne Half Marathon 2014

You can do this
Just put one foot in front of the other
You’ve got this
Mind over matter

My mantra as I took on my first ever half marathon nearly 10 months after the birth of my second beautiful baby Flo-Bear.

I signed up to give myself a goal to work towards, I train better and stay more focused when I have a set goal to hit.

I’m not gonna lie, back in June when I first signed up it seemed like a long way off, plenty of time to train, plenty of time to get the mileage up. It’s all good, I will take it slow and steady, I won’t be stupid about it I will build up my miles slowly.

Then the niggle started,
then the niggle got worse.
I went to see the physio, I foam rolled (owww) I stretched, I did my rehab exercises, I stopped increasing the mileage.

Still the niggle niggled away until I was in so much pain I thought I would not be able to run at all.

I saw the chiropractor in a last ditch attempt to run pain free and although he worked a minor miracle in 10 minutes, still it was not quite right and I set off on my first ever half marathon wondering if it would hurt, when would it hurt and would it beat me on the day.

Before the race. ahh look at me, so happy in my blissful ignorance!

Before the race. ahh look at me, so happy in my blissful ignorance!

My question was answered within 300m from the start, as I rounded the corner towards iconic Flinders Street station, feeling myself being pushed along by the wave of runners surging past me.

I need to take it slow
I need to pace myself
Slowly but surely wins the race

You can do this
Just put one foot in front of the other
You’ve got this
Mind over matter

Onwards I trotted trying to take in the atmosphere, enjoy it and not think about my knee.

3KM – spurred on by my lovely little family cheering for me, I continued to take it steady, the pain pulsing quietly in the background.

I'm In there somewhere, can you spot me?

I’m In there somewhere, can you spot me?

6KM – the pain spreads round to the side of the knee, and by 9k my whole leg is seizing up. I pop my pills, and down an energy gel and this gives me a boost to carry on. I employ some of the tactics that my chiropractor gave me for race day to loosen the muscles up. It doesn’t really work.

You can do this
Just put one foot in front of the other
You’ve got this
Mind over matter

13KM – my glute is getting tighter and tighter, the tightness spreading down the back of my leg behind my knee making it extremely difficult to stretch my leg properly with each stride.

17KM – please be over soon, please be over soon, please be over soo . . . wait! hang on, why are all the marathoners going this way? Where are all the half marathoners? Crap, where have all the half marathoners gone? Am I going the wrong way? – please no, no, no, no. . .

Oh wait there’s another half marathoner, thank goodness I don’t have to carry on the marathon route.

Just keeping running, just keep running – man I’m getting delirious now.

19KM – when are we going to get to 18Ks! Seriously, this is the looongest km EVER

You can do this
Just put one foot in front of the other
You’ve got this
Mind over matter

Oh yey, 19KM, how did I miss 18, doesnt matter, 2 ks to go, 2 ks to go, ee I addio 2 ks to go!

19.2KM – Holy Crap, why is my knee hurting so much, have I broken it? why won’t it bend properly? I want to cry, don’t cry, don’t cry you’re nearly there.

You can do this
Just put one foot in front of the other
You’ve got this
Mind over matter

20.6KM – 500m to go, must run the last bit, I will run the last bit if it’s the last thing I do, you can’t run the last bit, your leg is going to fall off. Hell no, it’s not, oh there’s the finish line. I’m sprinting, what am I doing, I’m actually sprinting, how am I doing this? My knee is killing, keep going, keep going.


imageimageimageimageThank goodness that’s over.

Bloody Hell, my knee is hurting. I can’t really stand up now, that was a rubbish time.

The rest of the day was spent like this. Ouchee

The rest of the day was spent like this. Ouchee

But you know what?! I actually finished.

It wasn’t pretty and it was by no means fast, but I got it done.


Now what is my next challenge going to be?

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