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From Fat to Fit – What have I done?

Since the birth of my second baby I have been humming along with my exercise. In the very early weeks post partum I took things very easily, so while getting active, I was also careful to ensure that I was not pushing it too hard too soon.

Even though on some days I felt like I could do more I made sure that I reigned it in so that I didn’t damage my body which was, and still is, healing and repairing itself from pregnancy and labour. This is all without factoring in the broken sleep and extremely demanding 3 year old.

Anyway I have felt for a while that although I am happy to be getting active again I need something to spur me on and keep me going, so that in those times when I really really don’t feel like doing anything, I pretty much have to whether I want to or not.

So I went and found myself a goal.

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From fat to fit Week 16 (07.04.14)

I’ve gone great guns this week and feel pretty pleased with myself (and a bit achy if I’m honest).

So – on to this weeks regime.

Tuesday- Thanks to mother-in-law babysitting I managed to get to my Zumba class again. I followed this with completing my core program with TVA exercises. You can read more about how to exercise correctly post pregnancy from

Wednesday – I managed to get to the gym to do an actual gym workout for the first time in months.
Treadmill 30 mins interval pyramid walking/jogging/running training
Core TVA exercises
3kg weighted lunges Rx12 Lx12
3kg shoulder press x 10
3kg chest fly x 10
3kg deadlifts x1 Read more…

From Fat to Fit Week 15 (31.03.14)

I think I am starting to get my mojo back finally as I managed quite a lot of exercise this week. Still eating crap but that’s another story.

5.5K round the lake with baby Bear in the pram 2 mins walk 2 mins run all the way round. I find that this way I don’t feel so daunted by setting out to run 5.5K as that seems too much. If I break it down into 2 minute chunks then I find that I cover more distance than I think I am going to and it doesn’t seem as hard and before I know it I have finished. So I will stick with that for a while and build up my running again slowly  so that I don’t injure myself.

The original plan was to go to the gym in the morning but due to a smashed car window incident (not my fault) I had to cancel. I more than made up for it though by walking all the way (uphill) to the Bears kinder with the Bear and baby Bear in the double pram to drop him off and then walking back home and then doing the whole thing again. There are a lot of hills so it was pretty hard work with both of them.

Our car was still unsafe to drive so I had to walk again and catch the tram to pick up the Bear.

Husbs mum and I took the kids to the park. I ran alongside the Bear on his bike and we then did the zipwire and climbing wall at the park.

We all headed out to Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges and ended up doing a 7.5k hike round the forest complete with pram. It was a bit precarious in places and pretty steep so it was hard going, but between the 3 adults, myself, husb and his mum, we managed to get the kids round every way we could.


imageimageI could feel my thighs and glutes burning as I pushed the pram uphill so I had better have buns of steel by the end!

Think I am going to be aching tomorrow!

My progress so far . . .


The aliens are coming . . . .

I am feeling pretty good about all things exercise at the moment.  I have managed to get out and work up a sweat and feel like I have properly worked out which is great.
So great in fact that I thought I would share with you my little exercise experience the other day.

I had been for a run/jog round the lake and was feeling pretty good so I thought I would reward myself with  a quick coffee before picking the Bear up from crèche.

I finished off my run with a sprint *ahem* finish and headed straight into the cafe gasping for air breathing deeply only for the young girl behind the counter to visibly step back when she saw me, before recovering herself and hesitatingly offering me a seat with a slightly scared looking smile.

I sat down and as I turned my back towards her to sit down I heard a very audible gasp before again she recovered herself. Seriously what’s wrong with her though I, does she have asthma? Should I be offering her some assistance?

She backed away from me and went about her duties while I had my leisurely coffee and fed baby Bear, all the while the cafe getting busier and people double taking at me as they walked past my table. I thought it odd, but put their lingering looks down to the fact that I had THE cutest child ever and they were clearly just admiring.

Well before I knew it, it was time to set off to pick up the Bear. I nipped to the loo before I headed off and it was there that I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Read more…

From fat to fit – Week 14 (24.03.14)

I’ve had a better week this week and managed to get more exercise in, both specific sessions and in my everyday life.

Morning in the park with husb and kids. The Bear went on his bike and he is pretty speedy on it so I ran alongside him while husb had the pram and baby Bear. We stopped along the way to do some tricep dips together and then went on to the playpark and did the zip wire.



Did 5.5K round the lake with the pram. 2 min run, 2 min walk alternate all the way round, stopping halfway through to do my TVA activations. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be and I felt really pleased with myself for doing it. I actually hadn’t set out to start running, my original plan was just to walk round the lake as when I woke up in the morning my plan consisted of dragging my carcass out of bed, putting the Bear in crèche and having a coffee, so I felt pretty good that I did it.

I feel quite good about getting back into running again and I have just had confirmation of crèche places for next term which means I can attend a couple of  my favourite classes too which I am really looking forward to. Plus husb mum arrives on Wednesday so she will be able to help too meaning that I may even get to go to a few classes before the next term starts so as far as my exercise is concerned I am feeling quite positive.

Weight 64Kg
Waist 33.5 inches
Hips 41 inches
Thighs 24 inches
Arms 11 inches


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