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Celebrating the #littlevictories

Since husb and I started to change our eating habits, moving away from sugary processed foods and working towards a ‘cleaner’ diet, free from chemical nasties, preservatives, ingredients I can’t pronounce and refined sugar there is absolutely no doubt that we both feel and look better for it.

Did I mention that husb jumped on my paleo bandwagon too and is really feeling the benefit? No? Well he did . . . And he is!

Which brings me to the Bear.
We have never fed him particularly badly in the scheme of things considering what he could be eating, but now that I am much more aware of hidden sugars and yucky chemical flavour enhancers and preservatives in foods it has made me really look at what we are feeding him. Just one look at some of the foods marketed at kids these days is enough to shock you, most of the ingredients I wouldn’t even recognise as actual foodstuffs.

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I confess – I’ve been having an affair

Bless me blog readers for I have sinned, it has been too long since my last confession and the weight of guilt weighs heavy on my heart. I must get it off my chest, I must assuage the guilt.

I could give you all sorts of excuses, I was lonely, my husb doesn’t understand me; but the truth is, it was all me.
I started the whole thing. It was upon my selfish insistence that my loving husb finally gave in simply to make me happy. And how do I repay him?

By having an affair.

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Why Disney have been lying to us.

I’m in a state of shock as I write this, still reeling from the recently discovered revelation that Disney have been lying to our precious children. Yes, since 2003 Disney have been letting our future generation believe blatant untruths when the reality is completely different.

We need to talk about Nemo. . . .

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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Port Douglas – Great Barrier Reef

Our last full day in Port Douglas we wanted to go out on a high so we booked a boat tour out into the pristine waters over towards the Great Barrier Reef. Well we couldn’t go all that way and not go there could we!

There are a huge number of tours available that all try to offer something different, from speed boat trips to the Reef, to leisurely cruises and catamarans. Some heading to the Inner Reef, some to the Outer Reef and yet more, to the continental shelf.

The other tours are great if you are on your own but as many go right to the edge of the continental shelf there is nowhere really to go if you are not diving or snorkelling. Not the best with a 3 yr old and 6 month old.
Whilst we would have loved *loved* to do that , 2 kids means some changes to itinerary have to be made. When we get a UK babysitter next time husb and I will head up and do it.

imageThe one we eventually chose was ideal for our needs. We booked with  and took the ‘WaveDancer’ boat over to the Low Isles about 15km out from Port Douglas. This was a great family friendly trip, and in fact was the only one that was actually recommended for families. The journey over to the uninhabited Low Isles took only about an hour or so in a lovely large air-conditioned boat, making it very doable with kids.

imageThe Low Isles were beautiful, there was nothing there at all besides a lighthouse and lots of marine life (oh and all the tourists). The boat moored off the island and we were taken to it  by the glass bottomed shuttle boat.
We left the pram and most of our baby paraphernalia on the main boat and set ourselves up on the island.
Then it was back to the boat for a gorgeous buffet lunch.

There was a marine biologist onboard who conducted guided snorkelling tours to see turtles as well as guided walks of the island.

The glass bottomed boat was great to see the marine life while keeping your feet dry and it was ideal for the Bear being able to spot the fishees nice and clearly.

imageThe snorkelling was amazing, apparently, we were told that it is better to snorkel rather than dive because the coral is more vibrant closer to the surface as there is more sunlight and oxygen. Which was good for me as I don’t have my PADI licence and didn’t fancy trying to get it while we were there.

Spot the snorkelling husb

Spot the snorkelling husb

We spent a full day on the island, hopping between the beach and the main boat and I would recommend the trip if you have young kids.image

Flo-Bear coped like a trooper with the heat and was happy to have a little paddle and  cool down on the shore with me while the Bear played in the shallows while husb went off to do the guided snorkel tour.image

I’m really pleased that we are able to give the Bears these amazing opportunities and experiences. I know Flo-Bear is not going to remember it but the Bear is getting to the age were he will start to recall these things now and I love that he is getting the chance to do all of this amazing stuff.

It was a fabulous day and a great way to end our Awesome Aussie Adventure.


An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Port Douglas – Daintree, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation.

During our stint in Port Douglas we headed off on a couple of day trips up to Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation.

imageIt was quite a trip over to Cape Tribulation through the National Park. Very beautiful whilst also being a bit eeie at the same time, we couldn’t see or hear any wildlife at all even though the signs told us to beware of the Casowary’s that inhabit the area. It was strange, very very quiet and untouched. There were a lot of camp sites dotted about, not sure I’d like to camp though, it was all a bit ‘Wolf Creek’ for my liking.

We got the car ferry over the Daintree River into the National Park, it reminded me very much of when got the ferry over to Lake Titicaca, very rickety rackety.

Daintree is a great place for children, the visitors centre has loads of treetop walks and interactive things for the kids to do. It was our aim to stop in there on our way back but unfortunately time got away from us as husb was determined to power on through to Cape Tribulation. Come hell or high water he was getting us there. . .
Then we reached the end of the road.

The actual end of the road.

The rest of the road is dirt track only accessible by 4wd at certain times of the year to get to Cooktown.
At the end of the road is Cape Tribulation, and it’s beautiful.imageCompletely empty of people and with a dramatic backdrop of lush mountains covered with tropical plants and its own weather system on the tops  of the hills. Grey and white clouds full of precipitation, swirling around, making the tops of the mountain invisible.



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