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Family Ties

I am an Auntie at last, woop, woop!

Samuel Sean finally arrived safely on Wednesday  25th July – the day I flew to oz.

Gorgeous little Samuel is perfect and gorgeous and so tiny, a perfect little bundle. I just love him to bits.

It was a bit of a mad rush to get to see him before we went, we changed our plans to leave earlier which meant that all my carefully  laid packing plans, were replaced with throwing everything I could lay my hands on into my suitcases, running round like a mad thing and probably leaving a lot of things behind. I know I have definitely made a mark on my in-laws house, the words bomb and site spring to mind (sorry).

But we got there finally and even though we couldn’t stay for very long, I got to see my  new nephew and his very proud but very tired parents before we rushed off to the airport, ready for the journey of our life, I will tell you about that another time, when I am less sleep deprived and can string a coherent sentence together.

Off to bed now Zzzzzzzzzzzz


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2 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. Jackie on said:


    I’ve been all round the houses trying to post a comment I’d like to think it’s the Ipad that’s the probs not my IT skills . . . .! Well what a quiet house we have no little person shouting and getting into mischief . . . . and no little person to help nanny with the washing and wiping the floors. Would you believe even Oli Bear’s little friend the grey and white Cat from two doors down is moving . . . not to Oz though!!

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