Blogging from Down Under

Journey of a lifetime

So after the mad dash down to the hospital,  we said our goodbyes and then made the next mad dash to Heathrow.
When I attempted to weigh my luggage before we left, they were so heavy that they bust my  weighing scales, this did not bode well for my luggage allowance. I knew I was overweight (no wise cracks please) so I was a bit concerned that they would charge me for the excess baggage, thankfully though she didn’t, I think she was a bit preoccupied by the Bear sat high up on my back pulling my hair and probably felt sorry for me!

So we were all checked in and once we said our tearful goodbyes to my family farewell committee we were off on our journey.

No stopping us now I thought as we went through the fast track security lane  and disappeared from my family’s view.

Or so I thought . . . . . !

Things didn’t go exactly according to plan.
Less than 30 seconds after saying goodbye, the Bear was everywhere  and I mean absolutely everywhere!
While I was trying to sort out my many bags for the security scanner he toddled through the security scanner and back again before security staff caught him, while it was beeping away.
Picture the scene, I am trying to keep 1 eye on him while attempting to get all my stuff on the conveyor belt through a veil of tears having just said an emotional farewell to the fambo for goodness knows how long, meanwhile, the Bear is running through the security scanner until he is finally rugby tackled by the airport staff, he then dodges a diving tackle by burly man guard to then dive around the security desk to check out the scanner machine with the rather scary looking security lady who was distinctly unimpressed, the rest of the staff trip over each other to catch him . . . .if it hadn’t been so stressful it would have been very funny watching them trying to field him.
After that encounter, I thought it best to re-strap him to my back so at least I knew where he was even if he was screaming down my ear and pulling my hair.
By the time all of this had transpired I had no time to enjoy the delights of the Singapore Airlines Business Lounge (which I am sure the business men were delighted about) and had to make (another) mad dash to the departure gate.
Once on the plane, it was all rather pleasant really, Singapore Business Class is niiiiiiiice, really wide seats and very nice attentive staff who knew Oliver’s name right from the start, they didn’t know or attempt mine, but thats ok I will let them off.
The first few hours of the flight were really hard because the Bear was wriggling all over the place absolutely shattered but couldn’t get to sleep because the aircraft lights were so bright as they were serving dinner for what seemed like 20 courses.
He finally went to sleep just before the lights went down and I managed to transfer him to the other seat which they had converted to the bed. He slept for about 7 hours I think which was really good as I got a chance to eat my food and get a few hours sleep as well. I think he would have slept longer but there was quite a lot of turbulence so he woke a couple of hours before we landed, but considering that was the longer leg, it wasn’t too bad.
1 down 1 to go . . .
it went down hill from there.
Didn’t sleep at all on the next leg, not. a. wink.
Initially it wasn’t too bad as we occupied ourselves with some food, but when the lights went down it was a whole different ball game. Trying to entertain a wriggly screechy child in the dark is no small task. I tried everything, children’s iPad apps, Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden, reading books (in the dark really rather hard), the in flight children’s entertainment, Ewan the Dream Sheep (love him, he usually works so well!), everything I could think of for 5 long hours and 45 long minutes.
He clearly was as fed up as I was as he decided that it would be rather entertaining to bite me repeatedly for a good chunk (geddit!) of the flight. So on top of everything else, I was also having a silent battle of wills with my child in the dark, which I am embarrassed to say, from the marks all over my body, he won rather convincingly.
But we got here, shattered, very smelly, hungry with bits of my skin and hair missing, but we got here.
After negotiating the longest Immigration queue that I have seen since the UK, managing to haul my very heavy and my new flight friends also very heavy luggage off the carousel and trying not to overbalance with the Bear attached to my back with lots of burly men watching us struggle, not  making any move to help. We did it.
One last customs hurdle to jump and then on to a very emotional reunion with the husband and daddy (same person in case you were wondering).
I’m here – let the adventures begin. . . . . . . . . . When it stops raining!

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