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Monster trucking

What is it about men and machines? They seem to be obsessed with anything mechanical in much the same way I am about my shoe collection. The thing is though, my shoe collection, one can understand, after all I have spent years cultivating it, until I now have a collection that could rival Imelda Marcos, but this man obsession, This I just do not understand. Read more…


Blame the parents

Hi, nice to meet you my name is Victoria.

At least it might as well be, and to be  honest, if my name was Victoria it would certainly make life a whole lot easier down under. Read more…

To tri or not to tri?

Am I mental?

Now before you rush to answer this question with the inevitable, let me explain the context of my question.

I went for lunch today with my flight friend. We had a lovely time catching up, chatting away, comparing speeding fines (I won!)  while enjoying our ‘light lunch’  of Boston baked beans with 2 slices of sourdough bread. I think our definitions of  ‘light’ are slightly misaligned though, the bread slices were the size of a cricket bat and the baked beans could have actually fed the whole of Boston! Read more…

Great blog!

Criminal Behaviour

I pulled into the parking space and waited.


“Before I begin, I need to tell you that you are not obliged to say anything at this point, but anything that you do say can and will be taken down and used as evidence in a court of law”

Read more…

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