Blogging from Down Under

Sofa(r) so good!

Sound the trumpets . . . . Our belongings have arrived at last!  de de de deeeeeeer.

Well most of our belongings.

It is really strange having all the furniture from our little london flat transported into our huge new house. It is like we have miniature dolls house furniture, it looks so small, still at least it gives me an excuse to exercise my first love – shopping! This is purely practical shopping you understand, I simply have to buy stuff to fill our empty house.

I can’t say I will be sad to see the sofa bed from hell relegated to the spare bedroom! And I was only in it for 4 days, poor husb had to endure it for 2 and a half months before we finally got the memory foam back. I was rather amused however, when (having read the instructions to the sofa bed) I realised that it has a rather nifty TV bed rest thing – think hospital bed adjustable back , so that you can watch TV in a lovely comfy position (apart from the bed spring up your bum which goes without saying really). Husb bless him had no knowledge of this nifty bit of technology however, having never read the instructions and has been straining to watch the TV in bed for the last 2 months resulting in a major crick in his neck and a rather annoying headache for me having to listen to his moaning about it. So you can imagine that when I told him of this excellent feature of our sofa bed, the night before it was retired from duty, he was less pleased than I had expected and far from  congratulating me for finding this useful feature, he was rather perturbed and further did not appreciate my helpful advice to perhaps read the instructions in future!

Anyway, I digress, as I said, MOST of our belongings have arrived.

I was under the (mistaken) impression that all of our shipment would come at once but apparently not.

The removal man advised me that there are a number of boxes arriving later due to quarantine and customs wanting to inspect them first. Now some of the boxes I understand, bikes, garden pots (for bugs etc) but the rest of the boxes are full of shoes.

Why on earth would customs want to single out my shoes for further inspection I asked myself. After much deliberation, I can only come to the conclusion, that my shoe collection is so extensive they believe me to be importing them to sell commercially. I probably should I reckon I could make quite a living!

So as I write this I have just opened a box to discover my glass side table smashed to pieces,  surprisingly, the children’s soft toys the packers had stuffed in with it, did absolutely nothing to protect my glass table, funny that! But at least my Bear now has his toys back, even if they are now a health hazard.

Anyway got to dash I need to remove  a shard of glass from Marcel the Monkeys eye.


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