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Party like it’s your birthday.

Today is husbs birthday and he is very excited to be spending his birthday in unsunny Melbs.

Despite today being such a special day he has gone to work as is the usual, however, perhaps in recognition of the specialness of the day;  today is the day the Bear and I got to meet his work colleagues.

Yes, we were  cordially invited to attend his office to join him and his colleagues to partake in birthday tea and cake in honour of his birthday. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to turn down any form of sweet treat, so once I had sufficiently dolled myself and the Bear up to make a good first impression we hot footed it down to the office.  Apparently it is a tradition at the Tetley Australia office that whenever it is someones birthday, everyone in the office congregates in the board room and sits round the conference table to enjoy some birthday cake and banter. It was all very pleasant and I think we passed the test.

However, when we arrived at the office, we were quite early, which really does make a change as I have never been early for anything my whole life. Our timeliness meant that we arrived to find the entire office, (I would dearly love to tell you that included my husb but sadly not), but anyway, the entire office apart from him; in the main conference room dressed up with full on gold medallions, backward facing baseball caps, bum skimming baggy jeans  and high top trainers, having some form of what I can only describe as a ‘rap off’. You know like in the film ‘8 mile’ where they have those rapping competition things, it was basically that except with less bad language, alcohol and drugs. . . . and they were rapping about tea. So not all that similar to 8 mile then really.

I later found out that they were rehearsing for a marketing presentation, impressive! In my opinion the world doesn’t have enough tea related rap songs so I’m personally all for it.!


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3 thoughts on “Party like it’s your birthday.

  1. What a great way to meet his co-workers ! Hope he had a great day !
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. He did thank you, it was very nice to be together as a family for his birthday.

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