Blogging from Down Under

I am the music man

Today we took a trip to see the Mexican Music Man at Prahran Market.

He dresses up in the whole gear, including the big sombrero, so I was expecting big things.

His name was Mike . . . . . he was about as authentic as  Old El Paso!

Actually that’s a little unfair on Mexican Mike, he did have the whole garb on and he had lots of instruments for the kids to play with, so it was pretty good, although I am not sure the kids really knew the words to the Beatles Yellow Submarine! It’s not really an instant kids classic is it!

It does seem the place to be though, there were lots of mums and kids so thats a good start, if only I could have got the Bear to sit down and watch for 2 minutes instead of wandering off with the MMMs instruments I might have even been able to say hello to one or two.

Never mind, we will go and see Mike , sorry I mean The Mexican Music Man again next week I am sure, unless he bans us for doubting his nationality and stealing his instruments of course!


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