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I am beautiful no matter what they say.

Who’d have thought the Aussies would take to me so well. I always knew that they were a welcoming friendly bunch but they really have surprised me with their consistent compliments towards me.

The man in the chemist, the butcher, the Medicare lady, the removal men, have all commented their appreciation of my outward appearance. I am not just talking the odd one or two people but a good few people have told me how beautiful I am. Isn’t that lovely! Just what I need to bolster my self-esteem as I am new to the country.

Take my encounter with the butcher at the market as an example. The exchange went something like this, all said in strong Aussie accent.

Butcher: *G’Day, How ya goin?

Me: I am very well thank you and yourself?

Butcher: Bonza, what can I get ya?

Me: 2 steaks please

Butcher: No worries, (he picks steaks up)

Butcher : There you go, beautiful (phonetically pronounced ber-you-der-ful)

Me: *(Blushing) why thank you kind sir

Butcher: No worries, that’ll be 10 bucks ta

I hand over money

Butcher: Beautiful

(again I blush)

Butcher: Have a bonza day you little ripper

Me: Thank you and I sincerely hope that you too have a pleasant day

I turn away beaming with delight at being told repeatedly just how stunning I am, I had made a little extra effort with my appearance that particular day so it is nice when someone notices I think as I make my way to the cupcake vegetable stall. I then notice a rather large heavily tattooed gentleman going to the very same counter I have just left and ordering his meat. While serving the man, I hear the butcher tell him how beautiful he is as he takes his money.

Surely not?

. . . .and then again with the old lady next in the queue.

Excuse me?

. . . . . . .then again with the young man behind her.

“That’s beautiful mate thanks” the man says as he takes his purchase and heads off on his merry way.

Oh . . . .

Nb * some  cultural stereotyping was used in the production of this blog post.

** all events are true, some scenes may have been edited for dramatic purposes.


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8 thoughts on “I am beautiful no matter what they say.

  1. LOL – sometimes it takes a while to get used to the Aussie slang !!! We have been here over 13 years and sometimes I still have to ask someone what they mean !!
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Ha ha. I am Australian so don’t even notice this. There is one fruit seller in Sydney who takes it to extremes, ie, just a 2 minute fruit purchase can contain several ‘loves’, ‘darlings’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sweethearts’ etc. he never repeats the same ones in an exchange though. I think he must have a whole lot on rotation.

  3. Really?, in that case I am hurt that it is not just me! I can’t believe he wasn’t 100% genuine. I am off to re-apply my make up. 🙂

  4. No matter what they say. X

  5. I wanna move to Melbourne clearly everyone is beautiful and (assuming its not raining) the sunshines. A lot. Hope your settling in. Sounds fab. Enjoying your blog. What a fantastic adventure.

  6. Oh yes, moving down under does wonders for your self esteem! Glad you like the blog.

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