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Run Forrest Run!

Since moving to Australia, I have struggled to get into an exercise routine. So this morning we gathered up the Bear, bundled him into the car and drove at breakneck speed to Albert Park so that I could take part in the Albert Melbourne parkrun.

For those that don’t know parkrun is a free timed run that started off in the UK and has now made its way down under. Check it out or

Anyway I digress, as usual we were horrendously late, the Australian parkrun starts at 8am unlike the Uk were it starts at 9am. That hour makes a huge difference as I can not in any way be described as a morning person.

We threw breakfast down the Bears throat and ran to the car (that was my warm up), screeched off our quiet road and off we went.

I was slightly concerned before doing it that it would kill me having not exercised for a while, but we were due to meet another british couple there so that gave me the motivation to go.

It didn’t start off particularly well, by the time we skidded into the car park the runners were already making their way to the start line. I judo rolled out of the car as husb doughnuted into a parking space and dashed to catch up with everyone else, my ear phones flying behind me as I struggled to wire myself up with motivational running tunes. Just as I reached the start line the klaxon sounded to signal the race had begun. I just about managed to get my ear phones in as I crossed the start line and, tunes on, to the sounds of ‘Jason Deruloooo’ (you have to sing his name its the law!) I was off.

It is such a lovely run, 5k round the lake and although it is not supposed to be a race (you are supposed to race against yourself and try to improve your time each week), I REALLY didn’t want to come last. So the pressure was on.

As I rounded the last bend, legs going like the clappers, channeling Usain Bolt, only a tad slower and female, I could see the end in sight. There were just a few straggling runners standing in my way of certain glory. So I ‘effortlessly’ switched gears, and sped up.

I passed the lady in white with hat,

‘Brilliant’ I thought, ‘eat my dust lady in white’

Then . . . .my next target was in sight . . . .

Lady in blue came looming towards me as I ran like the wind (sort of),

ha ha ‘in your face’ thought I, as I powered past her, too focussed on my goal of beating her to look back, and then, there it was . . . . the finish area.

To rapturous applause I sprinted through the finish line.

BOOM! Ave it!

I turned to gloat over my success of beating the other two ladies. As I turned I saw lady Number 1 casually jog on by, straight past the finish area and carry on her gentle, leisurely and solitary jog around the lake. As if!

Lady Number 2 then came into view and started jogging her way to the finish area, ‘Well at least I beat you’ I thought, a self-satisfied (slightly smug) smile spreading across my purple face.

A smile which froze as she got closer and I realised that she was about 75 years old. Hmmm

Yeah well whatevs! I wasn’t last! Hurrah.

Incidentally the last placed runner was an 8 year old boy, but . .

A victory is a victory in my book.

Rio 2016 anyone?


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3 thoughts on “Run Forrest Run!

  1. At least you pushed! 🙂 Keep the drive 🙂

  2. Thanks I will, I am Pumped with the afterglow of success! 🙂

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