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Criminal Behaviour

I pulled into the parking space and waited.


“Before I begin, I need to tell you that you are not obliged to say anything at this point, but anything that you do say can and will be taken down and used as evidence in a court of law”


“Do you know the speed limit in this area?”

Double Crap.

The morning started off so well, the sun was shining and we had an appointment to go and check out the crèche facilities at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (Msac).

I drove the 5 minutes to Albert Park and took the short cut route straight through the park to get to Msac.

I was driving through the park, enjoying the scenery only for the looming figure of the Police officer to step into the road and wave me over into the car park. At first I wasn’t sure what was going on until I saw the large speed gun she was using to wave me to the side.

Crappity Crap Crap!

She walked over and gestured to me to open the window, I tried and managed to wind down the 2 back ones while she stared at me. I finally managed to get my window down when she hit me with it.

“You are under arrest ma’am, get out of the vehicle, down on your knees and hands on your head NOW ma’am, Do it, GEDDOWN”


OK Ok So I have a tendency to over dramatise things, but seriously, she might as well have said that.

I wasn’t sure of the best way to deal with the situation to get the least punishment, having never been in this situation before, so I just went with the ‘I am a Pom, only been here for 3 weeks, didn’t know the speed limit, didn’t realise I was speeding, so sorry, very sorry, really sorry etc.’

It didn’t work!

Something about ‘Sarge says no discretion’ and’ infringement notice’. She clocked me doing 17kph over the limit, lucky for me she didn’t catch me further up the road when I was razzing round, a good 30ish over the limit.

So the upshot is I am $282 worse off! (Well husb is, seeing as I don’t have a bank account yet).

So, that’s it, I am now a part of Melbourne’s criminal underworld – That’s right, I walk on the wrong side of the law now!!

Still if you are going to be caught speeding anywhere, speeding on the Melbourne Formula One track is the place to do it, wouldn’t you agree?

**Speeding is wrong kids don’t do it.


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7 thoughts on “Criminal Behaviour

  1. Jackie Eyre on said:

    $282 Daylight Robbery . . .!!!

  2. I know…..oops

  3. Your appalling driving once more….

  4. I might stop approving your comments missy!

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