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To tri or not to tri?

Am I mental?

Now before you rush to answer this question with the inevitable, let me explain the context of my question.

I went for lunch today with my flight friend. We had a lovely time catching up, chatting away, comparing speeding fines (I won!)  while enjoying our ‘light lunch’  of Boston baked beans with 2 slices of sourdough bread. I think our definitions of  ‘light’ are slightly misaligned though, the bread slices were the size of a cricket bat and the baked beans could have actually fed the whole of Boston! Anyway, the conversation (surprisingly given the amount of food we were consuming) turned to health and exercise. Whilst working our way through our mountain of food, we came to the conclusion that we needed to do some more exercise and  basically be more healthy.

So, what would be the next logical step from this would you think?

Well, after recruiting her to my parkrun exploits on a Saturday morning, we have somehow (and I don’t know how, there wasn’t even any wine at lunch that I can blame), decided that we should . . . .

do a Triathlon together.

Yep that’s right    . .  . . a Triathlon!

It gets worse

This is not 1 single triathlon, that is months away and we have ages to train for. No, no where’s the challenge in that? This is a series of 5 (I know) triathlons, the first one being 8 weeks away, and then a triathlon every 3 weeks after to complete the series.

Which all leads me to muse if I am in fact mental.

To Tri or not to Tri . . . THAT is the question?


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8 thoughts on “To tri or not to tri?

  1. coloursofsunset on said:

    ohmygosh. i think you’re mental. i think i’m mental for running 7k every Saturday morning. But on the other hand, what have you got to lose? I vote TRI! ps we have parkrun events up here, too, and I still can’t get under 35 minutes. hopefully one day SOON!

  2. I love parkrun but how on earth we made the leap from that to a full on triathlon I will never know, I think I would have to agree with your view on my mental state! You know you could always come and join us, then we can all come last together!!

  3. Anything further to add siany31? You should pop on over and spectate. x

  4. What’s the harm in tri-ing?? get it? GET IT??? Go for it. A tri was one of my goals once but the whole swimming in a man made reed-infested lake turned me off. Do you have to commit to all 5? can you do say, 2 and see how you go?

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