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Blame the parents

Hi, nice to meet you my name is Victoria.

At least it might as well be, and to be  honest, if my name was Victoria it would certainly make life a whole lot easier down under.

Now don’t get me wrong, before I offend every Victoria everywhere, I like the name Victoria, it’s very nice, the trouble is . . . its not my name!

I don’t know what it is, my accent? do I talk too fast? am I speaking another language? is it the volume? Well,  whatever it is it seems that out of the many people I have introduced myself to thus far, 90% have repeated back to me,

“Victoria? Lovely to meet you”

How many times can you say “no no not Victoria it’s Rhian, Rhian, RHIAN, REEEANNN” (if all else fails say it phonetically), before it just gets beyond embarrassing and instead of continuing a nice getting to know you conversation we both awkwardly slope off because it is all just too hard.

I mean it doesn’t even sound like my name does it?

I blame the parents!

Yours Sincerely


N.B Even the spellcheck picked up my name as the only spelling error!


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11 thoughts on “Blame the parents

  1. LOL – it’s the accent. We used to battle so much when we spelt our name out – in the end we had to get our daughter who was 7 to come and spell it because they just didn’t understand our accents and she had picked up the Aussie accent faster than you can say Jack Flash (which is actually a really easy name no matter what your accent !!!)
    Have a great day Victoria !

    • Jack Flash? interesting! now should I call myself Victoria JackFlash or Jack V Flash? Anything for an easy life to be honest.
      Cheers for the comment

      Look what you made me do I’m shortening it already. 🙂

  2. I (your sister, Sian) get the same thing with Charlotte …

  3. Russ on said:

    I thought changing your name to Sheila was an Aussie requirement on entry?

  4. Is thems the rules? I didn ‘t do my research.

  5. coloursofsunset on said:

    I blame my parents, too. My name is Aroha! (like the Aussie basketballer Kristy Harrower but without the H). Which if you’re a kiwi, that’s fine, they don’t even flinch at the word, but Aussies? Americans (where I lived for 11 years!)? No clue. I get Hiawatha, Aurora, Ariel….everything BUT Aroha. When I get boost juice or anything else that asks you your name, I usually offer one of my sister’s or best friend’s names. It’s just remembering what you told them your name was that is the tricky part.

  6. Ariel? Again nice name, but clearly nothing like yours! My ‘go to’ name in Starbucks is Laura.

  7. margaret on said:

    At least its not Olga, Olma, Alwyn, Olive, hence Margaret, but even then, I get Margo, Margret , Margit love you xx mum

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