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Monster trucking

What is it about men and machines? They seem to be obsessed with anything mechanical in much the same way I am about my shoe collection. The thing is though, my shoe collection, one can understand, after all I have spent years cultivating it, until I now have a collection that could rival Imelda Marcos, but this man obsession, This I just do not understand.

You see, today we took collection of our new ‘car’. Please note that I use the word ‘car’ in the loosest possible sense. For this is not just a car, oh no, this vehicle can only be described as a ‘Monster Truck’. Do you remember those saturday night TV shows where they perform daring feats, like driving over 15 cars in a huge monster vehicle with wheels the size of a house?

That is our new car!

I don’t even know why we needed one, we had a perfectly good, normal looking car before as you can see…..


Yet now we are proud owners of this thing ….


I swear it’s about 3 times the size!

On top of this I had to fight husb tooth and nail to make sure we didn’t get a white one (sorry crystal pearl as the website describes).
Well thanks for asking, it’s because as well as moving into an identical house to our next door neighbours and getting an identical monster truck, it would also then be the same colour! Besides the obvious issues in identifying our own truck from theirs, it also makes us just a little bit too much like stalkers to be comfortable. I think not!

Still, nothing can dampen husbs enthusiasm, even the fact he ordered it on the basis of the sat nav, which upon collection he realised, it actually does not have. But hey ho, minor details.
To be honest, I can’t actually see over the bonnet anyway so it makes no diff to me, I am probably going to take a few people out without realising. So if you are in the Melbourne area over the next few days, probably best to stay off the roads.


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2 thoughts on “Monster trucking

  1. Gareth on said:

    Trrruuuuuuuuck! Good call Steve!

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