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Strike a pose – The results are in

The wait is over . . .

The votes have been counted and verfied . . .

and I can now reveal the results of the family photo shoot.

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Boys will be boys . . . or girls apparently.

My little Bear is definitely a boy Bear, I just want to make that clear. I don’t know if I have been as clear as I could be so that those reading my blog who don’t personally know me know that my Bear is a BOY.

I feel this need to clarify the situation because I have had that many people come up and ask what her name is and comment “doesn’t she have beautiful eyes”, “what beautiful hair” etc

Today in the play park for example, a woman said to her son who was about to kick my Bear in the face, “hey hey, watch out for the little girl”, now, while I appreciated the attempt at discipline, I did wonder if it packed quite the same punch when the child had no idea who his mother was talking about.

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In it to win it.

Despite the fact it was a beautiful sunny Spring Melbourne Saturday morning I
was not feeling the parkrun love this week and wasn’t sure I was really in the mood to run round a lake, but husb jumped out of bed at stupid o clock and dragged me by my hair out of bed. He does have an annoying tendency to get up ridiculously early, always mentioning something about the morning being the best part of the day, or some such nonsense,

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Cape Otway, some Apostles, Koalas, Roos and a power cut.

This weekend husb got us a cottage at Cape Otway just off the Great Ocean Road. Cape Otway has the (slightly dubious) honour of being the second most southerly place on Mainland Australia. I have no idea where the most Southerly place is, I will let you know when I have finished reading my Lonely Planet guide, I’m sure it will tell me there somewhere.
In any event Cape Otway IS the most southerly place that I have ever been on the planet so that works for me.
We arrived very late on Friday night, husb had selflessly asked if I wanted to drive the first half to ‘get some experience’.
It was approximately 2 Hours and 45 mins into our 3 hour journey, when I was still behind the wheel, driving on a very windy road through the forest in the pitch black with Hitchcock type fog enveloping the monster truck and not another car on the road that I realised I may have been conned. Read more…

Dude! Where are my pants?

Have you ever had one of those days, you know what I mean? where everything that could go wrong does?
Today, I had one of those days, I’m still recovering from it truth be told.
It started off rather innocuously, like any other Thursday. Read more…

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