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On the road again . . .

This weekend we thought we would try out the monster truck properly, so we went trucking down The Great Ocean Road.

The Bear was very excited . . .

I think we chose a great day as it seems that Spring has sprung and it was beautifully sunny, so all good.

Our first stop of the day was Urquharts Bluff Beach which was a bit breezy but beautiful and not very crowded, so far I love that about Australia! If we had attempted a day out in Uk, the traffic would have been so bad it would have taken us a good 4 hours to get out of London to the motorway, before we actually set off on our journey properly, by which time we would be close to divorce as I would be shouting at husb to drive more carefully as he screeched round the corners and ridiculously darted in and out of the cars in a pointless attempt to get out of our beloved Capital.

Thankfully this wasn’t the case here and we enjoyed watching the intrepid Aussie sporty types go surfing and some other surfy thing that involves a very large surf board and a big paddle, either way it looked very cold and very hard!


We then trucked on to Lorne, which is such a lovely place, and wasnt too busy.
We stayed in Lorne for the afternoon, soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing while simultaneously trying to stop the Bear from chowing down on handfuls of sand, and running off into the sea.
That said, we really enjoyed it and will definitely go back again.


Then off home we trucked. I have invested in a headrest holder for my Ipad in a bid to keep the Bear entertained on the journey so that we don’t have to listen to his high pitched screaming all the way home. I think it worked a bit, he certainly wasn’t as bad as he has been previously. I think I definitely need to download some more ‘In the night gardens’ to keep him enthralled for a little longer than the 10 minutes that the programme lasts. I must say though, last night I did go to bed dreaming of Mr Bloom in his nursery (don’t be rude! ) and Makka Pakka chasing everyone round the night garden trying to wash their face, which brings back childhood memories of having my face cleaned with a lick and wipe. blerghhh.

Anyway the Ocean Road was Great! (see what I did there).


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2 thoughts on “On the road again . . .

  1. Urquarts Bluff near Aireys Inlet is a great little beach. Much nicer living on the Great Ocean Road than London I think. I moved!

  2. Great, thanks, we missed Aireys Inlet, we will definitely go there on our next adventure that way.
    Will check out the rest of the website too.
    Thanks 🙂

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