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Hair today . . .Gone tomorrow (part II)

I had my second hairdresser appointment in as many weeks tonight, in an attempt to put right last weeks disaster.

I didn’t go back to the same hairdresser though, I was too embarrassed. This time I didn’t want any more disasters and didn’t think I had spent enough money last week, so this week I really pushed the boat out and gave the winner of Australian Hairdresser of the year 2012 a go at repairing my mane.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t feeling at my most stunning when I entered the hairdresser after last weeks fiasco, which I think they must have picked up on, so to put me at my ease, they sat me next to an actual supermodel. She was amazonially tall, and had the longest legs I have ever seen, had a bit of a girl crush actually! So as I sat there nervously waiting for my hairdresser with a mop like haircut and badger striped colour, I listened to supermodel tell her hairdresser about her upcoming appearance on the ‘Morning Show’ tomorrow and how last week she was modelling for David Jones (a big store out here) with ‘Miranda’ (Kerr). This was clearly the most funky and hip hairdresser in the world, what was I thinking, I’ve just used the word ‘hip’, I have no place here!

As it turned out, the hairdresser cut my hair much better and I sort of got what I wanted, a definite improvement on last week.
The colourist was lovely and I again showed her my pic and explained what I wanted, she seemed to understand and I breathed a sigh of relief. . .
and then she said “so we will weave the brunette colour through a bit finer so it looks more natural”
Steady on there lovey, who said anything about brunette I thought, instead I practically shouted “noooooooooooooo, no brunette, only blonde, just blonde” I think she got it!
As I sat round the colour table (v weird set up) they kept bringing me wine, which was great, although I don’t really handle wine v well, let alone on an empty stomach, maybe they were providing it to dull the pain if I didn’t like the finished result. I had previously poured my heart out to Joseph my hairdresser about my hair disaster so maybe they thought, if I was drunk I might like it.

Plying me with wine was a good strategy, I think

What do you think?


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11 thoughts on “Hair today . . .Gone tomorrow (part II)

  1. Stephen Eyre on said:


  2. Thanks but you said that last week about the tiger striped disaster cut.

  3. Anna Taylor on said:

    Love the new barnet Rhian. xxx

  4. Momma Sally on said:

    Really nice rhi. Is this going to be your hairdresser now?

  5. I think it might be, besides being Australian Hairdresser of the year, it is also across the road from S work so easy to drop the Bear off and cheaper than the other disaster salon.

  6. Hairdresser of the Year?! Fancy! I like it!! It’s hard to find a good hairdresser – stick with them if you loved it!

  7. Thanks! I think I will. 🙂

  8. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a marvelous job.

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