Blogging from Down Under

Saturday night – Shaken and Stirred

Having been Down Under for around 6 weeks now, husb and I decided last week that it was high time we went out to explore some Melbourne nightlife. Husbs social life seems to have taken rather a nose dive since the Bear and I arrived you see, as now he is no longer as free to spend his Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights sampling the many beers on offer at various Melbourne ale establishments as he was when we were living in different hemispheres.

There are plenty of drinking places here but they are not pubs they are called hotels and some of them look pretty grotty from the outside to be honest. At first look, you wouldn’t think it would be somewhere that you would choose to frequent, yet when you go in they are really nice and upmarket inside. I am starting to see that Melbourne, much like London really is one of those places that you have to get to know slowly and there are some real hidden gems if you just know where to go.

Anyway, back to Saturday night, – so husb had been recommended a restaurant come cocktail bar called ‘Fog’ which is on Greville Street not too far away, so we thought we would try that.
We got a babysitter, who ended up earning the easiest money ever because as she arrived we were putting the Bear to bed and he went down to sleep in a matter of seconds, and didn’t wake up until 8am the next morning. So babysitter got paid to basically, watch our TV and drink our tea. I might take up babysitting as a profession, it seems quite lucrative.

We arrived early so that we could try out the cocktail bar out the back and it certainly didn’t disappoint, I am a biiiiiig cocktail fan and they had some crackers on the menu, I started off with a ‘Southside’ which was some sort of gin based cocktail which was gorge, then moved onto a ‘Lemon Flower’ which was a vodka based glass of delightfulness.
Once our aperatives were done with, we sat down for our meal, by which point I was already a tad tipsy so ended up knocking my cutlery all over the place as I sat down – honestly you can’t take me anywhere!
Food was really nice, you can’t beat a good steak in my opinion.
We didn’t bother with dessert, instead we went for the Melbourne staple of an ‘Espresso Martini’ or two to finish off the night.

We were first introduced to these back in January when we were out here for our recci visit. We ended up getting rather drunk on them at a lovely restaurant that Natalie Bassingthwaite (Aussie celeb, used to be in neighbours, now an Australian X Factor judge) got married at. We weren’t there at the same time though, probably for the best as in my Espresso martini’d state I might have been more embarrassing than usual.


Sunday was a write off . . .


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