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Cape Otway, some Apostles, Koalas, Roos and a power cut.

This weekend husb got us a cottage at Cape Otway just off the Great Ocean Road. Cape Otway has the (slightly dubious) honour of being the second most southerly place on Mainland Australia. I have no idea where the most Southerly place is, I will let you know when I have finished reading my Lonely Planet guide, I’m sure it will tell me there somewhere.
In any event Cape Otway IS the most southerly place that I have ever been on the planet so that works for me.
We arrived very late on Friday night, husb had selflessly asked if I wanted to drive the first half to ‘get some experience’.
It was approximately 2 Hours and 45 mins into our 3 hour journey, when I was still behind the wheel, driving on a very windy road through the forest in the pitch black with Hitchcock type fog enveloping the monster truck and not another car on the road that I realised I may have been conned.
What was very cool however was that because it was so late at night and quiet, we nearly ran over saw a Koala in the road, I stopped the car and switched on the reverse lights to see it a bit clearer (nice and safe stopped on a blind bend on a 100kph road in the dark) but surprisingly my deft emergency brake, skidding manoeuvre had scared it off, can’t think why!
Still on we drove until we got to our accommodation Shearwater Cottages they are 4 cottages set in acres of land with loads of trees etc so very secluded and lovely. As we drove up to our cottage we saw 3 or 4 kangaroos or wallabees bounding past the car, very cool! I am not sure which they were as I am not sure how to tell them apart and the owners said that they get them both on their land so I am going to say we saw them both! I would post a picture except it was too fast and so the picture I have looks like I have simply photographed the bonnet of the Monster Truck in the dark, so not too impressive.
Our little cabin . . .

Our first morning we went to Apollo Bay, it was quite breezy so it wasn’t very busy but we went down to the beach and had a play around. The Bear seems to be quite fascinated by the sea and every time we go to the beach he runs down and gets his shoes soaking wet before falling over, grabbing handfuls of sand as he gets up then licking his hands – pleasant. No wonder we have had diarrhoea issues of late. (The Bear not me you understand I know I previously blogged about my pantless disaster but that would fall into the realms of too much information I think!)

On from Apollo Bay and we headed off to Cape Otway Lighthouse, we put the Bear into the backpack carrier as I thought it might be a bit of a prob getting a pram up the lighthouse stairs.

The Lighthouse was great, until we got to the top and out onto the very windy narrow balcony with a squirmy Bear on husbs back, I didn’t seem so high up from the bottom and I clearly hadn’t thought it through, as we arrived at the top, my hands began to sweat and I started getting palpitations, I had visions of husb leaning slightly too far over the balcony to get a better view and the Bear toppling over his head, I feel sick just thinking about it now so we didn’t stay on the balcony very long and attempted to make a sharp exit back down.
Except there were 2 stupid people taking photos right at the entrance so we couldnt get back in, not just your point, snap, get the hell off the balcony photos either like any normal individual but actual checking camera lens, adding more lens, checking light, exposure blaa blaa, until I thought we were doomed to be there forever, as I clung to the side of the lighthouse trying to hold the Bear in case he made a sudden diving manouver as he is prone to do. Very stressful.
Anyway he didn’t they finally moved and we exited very quickly.
Sunday and we headed over to the 12 Apostles, it was a bit of a schlep to get there but we finally made it and the sun even came out for us so that we could walk along and view them, the apostles are totes amazeballs!

Bit of an odd thing happened though, we had put the Bear into the walking backpack to minimise any instances of running to his death down to the very steep cliffs of the shipwreck coast, he did look very cute but them I am a bit biased but as we paused at the lookout point to see the awesomeness of what nature can do and generally marvel at our planet and the beauty before our eyes, this Japanese man started taking pictures next to us, so far so normal right? Everyone was taking pictures . . . . Except he wasn’t taking pics of the Apostles/coastline/any other geographical feat of nature in the vicinity, no he had stopped to take pictures of the Bear! Our Bear! The Bear was nonplussed by this occurrence (I suppose as a result of his previous photography experience – see my post ‘‘Strike a pose’) but I must say I was rather perturbed, he didn’t ask permission just started snapping away photographing my child, then he smiled, nodded and wandered off, didn’t even say thank you. The Bear was on husbs back so he could have moved so random man was thwarted in his efforts, but I think husb rather enjoyed the experience himself, I am sure I saw him pull a ‘blue steel* ‘at one point!


On the last day of the trip we made a sharp exit out of the cottage as we had a power cut so no electricity or water, which meant the bread I was making in the bread maker overnight got halfway done so instead of delicious fresh warm bread for brekkie we eaked out the remainder of the cardboard type cereal that was left and made a quick exit. As it was on our way back we did the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, which was a walk through the rainforest, very high up in the tree canopy. I didn’t realise until I got to the treetop bit of the walk that heights do not agree with me! I don’t know if it was just me or if it was because the Bear was on husbs back higher than the barriers in the backpack and it all just seemed a bit precarious. I think the fly walk was good, husbs says it was, I couldn’t be sure because I didn’t look down once! Some people were crazy enough to zip line through the rainforest, I think that would have finished me off.
We had a great weekend, the journey back was long and screechy but now we are finally back in Melbs, think we might have a break from jet setting for a bit.!

N.b * Blue Steel – International Male Supermodel Derek Zoolander’s signature look!


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13 thoughts on “Cape Otway, some Apostles, Koalas, Roos and a power cut.

  1. Anna on said:

    Amazing pictures guys. Glad to see you are getting out and about. xxx

  2. We did the Great Ocean Road last year and I can’t wait to go back again. We have promised to take my folks so it is definitely on our list of things to do – sooner rather than later hopefully !
    It was lovely reading about all those lovely places and enjoying the memories they triggered !
    Have the best day !

  3. This is definitely on our “to do” list, too. Hubby and I just went to Melb for the first time back in June, but just for 2 nights and it was nowhere near long enough. Next time we’ll take Nick, stay a week and explore outside the city! p.s. you are a ridiculously good looking family!

    • You definitely should go up that way it really is beautiful, and there is loads to do with the little ones, we really enjoyed it. And thanks for the compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The Bear is adorable!! I grew up along the Great Ocean Road- I think your brave visiting when we have only just emerged from winter. Although my parents are British natives and they loved a winter walk on the beach just as much as a summer one.


    • Thank you! We like him ๐Ÿ˜‰
      We thought it may be busier these coming weekends because of the school hols and we Brits are made of stern stuff a bit of rain wont beat us. (Although it was chuffing cold on one day)!!!!

  5. Great review of your stay and thanks for recommending Shearwater Cottages. Plenty of koalas down at Cape Otway. My wife had the same issues with our young children at the Otway Fly. We did use a buggy on the Fly. Only had to carry it down steps at the end.

  6. Thank you, we really enjoyed ourselves. Loved loved loved seeing the Koalas and there were so many it was just amazing. Our little one does have a tendancy to break free of his pram restraints so I think we were probably safer with him in the backpack even though I couldn’t look!

  7. I just found your blog. This sounds like a great trip. Australia looks like an interesting place to live and explore.

  8. Thanks for reading! Yep Australia definitely is amazing and we have so much more to explore. ๐Ÿ™‚

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