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In it to win it.

Despite the fact it was a beautiful sunny Spring Melbourne Saturday morning I
was not feeling the parkrun love this week and wasn’t sure I was really in the mood to run round a lake, but husb jumped out of bed at stupid o clock and dragged me by my hair out of bed. He does have an annoying tendency to get up ridiculously early, always mentioning something about the morning being the best part of the day, or some such nonsense,

I am usually back to sleep before he has finished the sentence! But this particular morning, we all got up and off we went to Albert Park. Husb didn’t run this week, so it was left to me to keep us in the game!

Have I mentioned before that parkrun is NOT a race? Well I will say it again,, I wish that people were made aware of this before charging off and trampling every poor blighter unfortunate enough to be in their way as the klaxon sounds at the start line.

I usually start at the back of the pack as I tend to start slowly and don’t like being overtaken by hoards of people as I find it quite soul destroying, so I figure if I start at the back, I can see where I am and when I do overtake I feel better about myself! This strategy usually works for me,
Not today though

I started off in my usual position and was trundling along nicely until about 1/4 of the way round the lake, when some random individual decided to overtake me, fine, I have no problems with that, there is plenty of path to go round, overtake me and jog on love.
I think she was employing some sort of ‘race tactic’ though and instead of simply overtaking me she came up really close until almost brushing my arm and then overtook me running directly in front of my path so that I nearly tripped over her legs!

What was that about? My annoyance spurred me on round the lake, I tutted and overtook her, then a bit later she overtook me again and vice versa until the end zone was in sight. I had kept her in my view ahead of me until this point but when the end bit was near, the gloves were off. I charged ahead, but, oh no, she sensed me catching her up and I could see her brain ticking away and her legs striding just that bit faster.
“she’s not going to beat me” we both thought as we began to sprint to the finish. I think my annoyance at her earlier cheeky tactical manoeuvre spurred me to find some reserves from somewhere and I charged on past her and across the finish line in my best ever time.

It’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part.
I won! (obviously not the whole race, but my own little moral victory)

Next week she better bring it, cos its on!

Just saying. . .


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10 thoughts on “In it to win it.

  1. Anna on said:

    Brilliant Rhe…….Us British are better at sports than those Aussies any day! Bring It! xx

  2. Good for you on getting out there and running around the lake 🙂

  3. Thank you, I always feel better once I have done it, its just the dragging myself out of bed I struggle with! 😉

  4. LOL!! Love this! Mostly because I have participated a few times in one of the park runs up here and I totally get what you mean. I’ve purposely stayed away for a few months, and am hoping the next time I do it, I’ll shatter my PB (which is still embarrassingly slow). The last time my husband ran with me, and he kept saying “c’mon, let’s pass those 2 in front of me” and I finally said, “I DON’T CARE WHO IS IN FRONT OF ME, I’M DYING!” Ahhhh, good times, good times. LOL

    • Ha Gotta love it, the men are always more competitive aren’t they, thats why I make husb run with the pram, I live in hope the extra weight will slow him down . . . it doesn’t.
      I bet you will smash your PB next time you do parkrun and remember tell your husband!!!!!!

  5. I am the same. If I am in a run with a friend, I am happy to happily skip along beside them, but if they start to be competitive all bets are off and I will win at whatever cost 🙂 Great blog. Rachel xx

  6. Thanks! Its not the winning its the taking part – until someone has the cheek to try to win I say! Maybe its a British thing.

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