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A Muddy Melbourne weekend

‘Run Wild through a gruelling 10K obstacle course’ said the blurb.

I should have stopped reading right there . . . . .

‘You’ll crawl through thick mud, the blurb continued, ‘climb up cargo nets, slide down the giant slip and slide’ and yet despite this I continued to read on . . . .

‘You’ll run through live wires, charged with 10,000 volts’ . . . it teased.

I’m sorry did you say ‘live wires’?, as in ‘electrical, live wires’ – “oh, oh you did! Well in that case, you crazy Aussies I am outta here!”

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A ‘scenic’ cycle . . . sort of

We had a pretty active Saturday, I did parkrun in the morning which was followed by a mammoth bike ride on the Yarra Trail along the Yarra River which winds in and out of Melbourne and up into the Dandenong Ranges.

The ride started off well enough although I wasn’t entirely sure I had got the best end of the deal as I was cycling along with 11.5KGs of Bear on the back of my bike, while husb had a piddly little backpack! I think that I did pretty well to keep up with husb, who was apparently treating our leisurely afternoon bike ride as a speed training session for the Anaconda Challenge he is taking part in, in December, of which he is doing the 18km cycle leg. As he was manically cycling ahead and weaving here and there, cycling back to us then off again. I do wish he had let me in on his plan beforehand as the Bear and I would have cycled along at our own jolly pace and stopped for a nice Melbourne flat white or 12 on the way, leaving husb to manically pedal to his hearts delight! Read more…

Drunk and Disorderly

This weekend had its ups and downs.

Friday night we went out for dinner for my fast running friends birthday, it was very nice, great food and lovely company, we were even out past 12am get us!
Obviously 1 night out at the weekend was just not enough for myself and husb being the social animals that we are and as we had a friend over from UK who had kindly offered to babysit the following night, despite the fact I could have happily just lounged on the sofa with a cup of tea snuggled under my ‘slanket’ we were all over it, 2 nights out on the trot just call me Kate Moss!

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I thought they were chives!

Ok, so it has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to write this particular post for a number of reasons, not the least of those reasons being the fact that I feel like I am about to vomit every time I think about it. However, I am going to put aside my squemishness and soldier on, and for the good of you my dear dear reader I will tell you my story, in the hope that it may stop you from making the same mistake I did.

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The wheels on the bus. . .

Another Saturday – another parkrun. This week was International parkrun day so we all headed once again for Albert Park for our weekly run around the lake.
The Bear was not keen on waking or getting up this morning, and even though we opened his bedroom door and loudly pottered about the house getting ready to try to ease him into the day he still continued to defy us keeping his eyes resolutely shut.

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