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The wheels on the bus. . .

Another Saturday – another parkrun. This week was International parkrun day so we all headed once again for Albert Park for our weekly run around the lake.
The Bear was not keen on waking or getting up this morning, and even though we opened his bedroom door and loudly pottered about the house getting ready to try to ease him into the day he still continued to defy us keeping his eyes resolutely shut.

Eventually, though our loud movements brought him reluctantly to life and his little day began. He was clearly not in the mood for a run this morning and decided to make it as difficult for us to get him dressed and out of the house as possible. Husb and I worked together as a team, one pinning child down the other deftly removing pooey nappy cleaning and attaching another, (One guess who got the pooey nappy job).
Eventually despite the Bears best efforts we were out the door and on our way.
This week I really wanted to get a PB so I started in the middle of the pack hoping that may give me a bit of an extra edge.
My fast running friend was also running this morning with her little boy in his running buggy. I (naively) thought that the combined weight of child in pram would mean that I could keep up with her for a change, wishful thinking in the extreme!
As it turned out we did end up running together, at a pace that meant that I developed the stitch from hell and struggled to breathe at some points, while fast running friend, ran at a comfortable pace a little ahead of me all the way round the course, with enough energy and puff to talk to her child all the way round, although to be honest when she starting singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ whilst effortlessly sprinting ahead of me as I lagged behind struggling to breathe, I did wonder if she was superhuman!
As it turned out though, it was rather a good strategy, I just about managed to stay with her and as we ran towards the finish I spotted my previous parkrun nemesis ahead of me. I gave fast friend the nod and we powered on past her towards the finish together.
I knocked 29 seconds off my PB I am very pleased with myself . . . .fast friend ran the slowest she has ever run thanks to me!
Who needs an iPod for motivational running tunes when you’ve got ‘the wheels on the bus’.
Fast friend can run with me again 😉


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4 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus. . .

  1. I feel very unfit reading this…

  2. Behave, you’re training for a marathon! x

  3. coloursofsunset on said:

    Well done on knocking 29 seconds off your PB! That’s a massive effort! My running seems to be going backwards (not literally – yet) at the moment. Been one thing after another and now can’t shake this cough. Hard to run w/ so much crap on your chest (again, not literally, though that would be hard)

  4. Thanks very much, I am still recovering from it though it was very hard! Don’t push yourself too hard if you are not feeling well though it will only set you back more and slow you up in getting back into it when you are feeling up to it! Not that I am an expert – obviously. Hope you feel better soon – I prescribe lots of rest and hydration. 😉

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