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A ‘scenic’ cycle . . . sort of

We had a pretty active Saturday, I did parkrun in the morning which was followed by a mammoth bike ride on the Yarra Trail along the Yarra River which winds in and out of Melbourne and up into the Dandenong Ranges.

The ride started off well enough although I wasn’t entirely sure I had got the best end of the deal as I was cycling along with 11.5KGs of Bear on the back of my bike, while husb had a piddly little backpack! I think that I did pretty well to keep up with husb, who was apparently treating our leisurely afternoon bike ride as a speed training session for the Anaconda Challenge he is taking part in, in December, of which he is doing the 18km cycle leg. As he was manically cycling ahead and weaving here and there, cycling back to us then off again. I do wish he had let me in on his plan beforehand as the Bear and I would have cycled along at our own jolly pace and stopped for a nice Melbourne flat white or 12 on the way, leaving husb to manically pedal to his hearts delight!

As it was however, instead of my leisurely cycle taking in the sights and sounds and hydrating along the way with a lovely cup of renowned Melbourne coffee. I instead cycled like a demon for 20km then when I finally caught up with husb I was treated to a gulp of water from his special bike water bottle, unfortunately it did not contain anything stronger than water (personally I feel he is missing a trick there but still). Then he was off again before I had a chance to catch my breath. I hate that, I was never very sporty in school and was always the last to get to the end, where everyone has been waiting for ages for you and having a nice rest and then as soon as you get there (obviously in need of a rest) they all go again! Did I say I hated that?

Anyway as we enjoyed our leisurely ride with me a good 5k behind at all times, I found myself not next to the beautiful Yarra River, marvelling at the massive houses and beautiful Australian wildlife at all but instead by the side of a rather busy freeway type route with a lot of very fast cars whizzing past a little too closely for my liking. Making for a bit of a wobbly ride for me and the Bear. Had we checked the map for the Yarra Trail before we actually rushed out on our bikes we would have realised that we needed to be on the other side of the river in order to follow the trail the whole route, hence a bit of freeway cycling and a lot of climbing up steps with our bikes and Bear in his seat on my bike to go across the bridge to the other side.

Still it’s all good fun isn’t it, actually, besides the whole freeway cycling situation Melbourne is actually really well set up for cycling. There are lots of dedicated cycle lanes that actually fit a cyclist in them unlike London where you take your life in your hands every time you take to the road on 2 wheels. We made our way over to Studley Park and had a bit of a picnic in the sunshine while the Bear played in the kids playground before we made our way back on the right side of the river this time.

I am hoping that I am not invited along on any more of husbs training sessions leisurely bike rides . . . unless there is white wine in his special bike bottle that is.


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