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Phillip Island

This weekend had been planned for a while, husb was away for a few days on a works jolly conference, (I think they actually all went so that they could lay down some heavy beats and phat lyrics for their next chart topping ‘tea rap‘ husb says not but I don’ t think I quite believe him).

Anyway, his conference/jolly/recording session was down on Phillip Island, which is about an hour and a half South East of Melbourne. They were staying at a place called Silverwater Resort which is actually located just off Phillip Island on the mainland but located at ‘the gateway to Phillip Island – San Remo’. The plan was for husb to get a lift with some work colleagues on Wednesday and then the Bear and I would drive down on the Friday and join him for the weekend.
When I mentioned that I was going to drive down there by myself, I was met with lots of ‘ooh you’re braves’ and ‘rather you than me’, so although I wasn’t initially stressed about the journey this did nothing to boost my confidence levels. I really have no idea how so many people here already know how bad a driver I am, I mean I have only been here 3 months, – perhaps my reputation (and speeding fines) precede me! As a result I went and bought myself a sat nav, thinking that ‘Bruce’ (my australian sat nav man) telling me where to go and which lane to be in would calm my nerves more than anything, because to be honest no amount of husbs ‘it’s really simple’ platitudes made me feel any better about the journey.
So come Friday mid morning I was ready and raring to get trucking down to Phillip Island, all I had to do was pack the monster truck up with enough stuff to last us for a year and then we would be ready to rock and roll. I packed up the car and did one last sweep of the house, I grabbed all my technorati that I would need iPod/pad/phone, chargers, and sat nav . . . .and sat nav? Where was my sat nav? I called husb to shout at him for taking it ask if he had it and then proceeded to tear the house apart with husb on speaker phone (saying nothing – but just listening to me bang and crash and swear (sorry mum) my way round the house searching for my newly bought and never before used sat nav). This took me about an hour and panic began to set in when I realised that actually I was going to have to make the journey alone with no GPS assistance at all and use a
. . . . . . . . .road atlas *shudder*.
I was actually pretty stressed as I think I worked myself into such a frenzy of panic that the thought of driving unaided sent me into a tailspin.
In any event it actually was pretty simple to get to, without any satellite assistance (although I did call husb once or twice to check I was going the right way) the hardest bit seemed to be getting out of Melbourne (stupid trams – who knew you had to give way to them!).
Moving on, and fast forward to Saturday, the plan really was to have no plan and just drive onto the island and take a look round and see what happened, we like to think we are a ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ type family others would say disorganised.
The only thing that I was absolutely sure that I really wanted to do on Phillip Island was to see the penguins, everyone who we had told we were going there to had said we must go and see the penguins, so that was a definite.
Before the penguins, however, we went over to Cape Woolamai beach to watch the surfer dudes in action, I had a good old look purely to check out their technical ability you understand, tried to get some photos (for my blog) too but husb dragged me away before I could.

20121104-203733.jpg so this is the Bear and I instead!
After Cape Woolamai we headed over to ‘The Nobbies’ which is a craggy rocky outcrop on the South Western edge of the island, near to Seal Rocks which apparently is where Australias largest Seal colony live (we didn’t see any though – so it can’t be that big!!!!) It was amazing though.

Nobbies done, we then headed over to Rhyll (not the Welsh one) for fish and chips before heading out to see the Penguin Parade.
We were told that we needed to get there around dusk as the penguins won’t come out until it starts to get dark, so we rugged up against the chilly night and went to spot some penguins. The Bear was not quite as excited as us about seeing the penguins and we waited and waited sat in the spectator seats looking down onto the beach, waiting for the penguins to make their appearance, the Bear was rather vocal while we were waiting. I got my IPhone out and to the disapproving stares of the other parents I found a random ‘in the night garden’ from youtube and booted it up. This kept him entertained for at least five minutes which was a small respite for us. Now the admin staff had said that the penguins would start making their way up the beach at 8pm so as I checked and re checked my watch and 8pm came and went I started to get a little annoyed that the penguins did not keep to the schedule! When they finally arrived though they were well worth the wait. So ridiculously cute. Once they had made their way up the beach we were able to see them really close up as they waddled their way under the boardwalks and to their little burrow beds, they didn’t seem bothered at all that there were 100s of people oohing and aahing over them at close quarters. To protect them we were not allowed to take photographs so this is the best I can do

After the penguin parade we headed on back to Silverwater, the Bear fell asleep in the car on the way back so we took the opportunity, put him in his pram and went to the bar for a beer and espresso martini. We managed 2 before the Bear started to stir so we made a quick exit and went back to our apartment.

On sunday our plan was to head to Churchill Island and the Heritage Farm there, which we thought the Bear would enjoy. It was very quaint and had a lovely little cafe and some walks, besides the animals on the farm and we ended up spending all afternoon there in the sunshine.



There was so much stuff we didn’t get a chance to see such as the koala sanctuary, the maze and the chocolate factory (which husb had promised we would visit on Sunday but then decided against at the last moment – I was VERY disappointed) so we will have to go back again to make sure we can fit all that in.

Oh yes, and I found my sat nav nicely packed away in the car when I arrived!!


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6 thoughts on “Phillip Island

  1. Great photo of the penguins, for not being able to take photos! Sneaky! Sounds like a great weekend, and I might have laughed out loud about the Sat Nav being in the car! Duh!! Thought of you this weekend because I got off my lazy arse and did park run. Beat my PB by 163 seconds!

  2. Thanks, my reflection does give the game away somewhat though!
    I am so ridiculous I spent all that money on the stupid sat nav, purely for that trip as well, and looked in the car so many times.
    Good skills on your parkrun on Saturday, you smashed your PB to smithereens – that’s brilliant, there is something so satisfying about having it down on paper on the results table as well I always think. Roll on next weeks eh!

  3. Damn I should have kept my mouth shut and basked in the praise of being such a good photographer! (all the rest are real – promise! although you can probably tell that!)

  4. The Penguin Perade at Phillip Island is an Australian right of passage. Fabulous photos.

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