Blogging from Down Under

Melbourne Cup

Today is Melbourne Cup Day, the biggest day in the Australian racing calendar. This is a VERY big deal in Australia, so big in fact that the whole of the state of Victoria gets a bank holiday. Imagine that! For a horse race! In the UK we didn’t even get a bank holiday when London got the Olympics! Not that I am complaining of course as it meant husb got the day off work (although he chose to go into work for the morning – I am trying not to take it personally, I just can’t seem to get him out of that UK mentality).

However, the afternoon was a different story, we were off to our first proper Aussie Barbie since being here. Well when I say Aussie Barbie, it WAS in Australia but we had been invited by one of my fellow Muddy Melbourne Girls who is in fact British but who am I to split hairs and there were Australians there so an Aussie Barbie it was in my book.

It actually ended up being very similar to our British barbies at home, quite a bit of rain, a spot of thunder and some lightening, but we had been invited to a barbie and a barbie we were going to have whatever the weather. Us Brits are very stoic and we sheltered under the sun umbrella while we all ate, it was a fab first barbie though and credit to the chef! Husb will have a lot to live up to when we finally get a brand spanking new barbecue all of our very own.

The highlight of the barbie was to watch the Melbourne Cup race and we all put some money in for the sweepstake.

So to the results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Who can believe it, I only went and flippin won! Check me out with my winnings.


$48 I am rich RICH I TELL YOU!
I am such a hustler, I do feel a bit like I have fleeced some lovely people who I only met today out of their hard earned cash though. Then I remember it will go towards paying for my hair cut on Saturday and I don’t feel so bad when I know it is going to a good cause!

Now while I am on a roll I reckon I will put a little buck or two on the Oz Lotto, apparently there is 100million up for grabs.


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