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Happy Birthday

Today is Albert Melbourne parkrun’s 1st Birthday. It was all very exciting and I was very much looking forward to running it again, as I haven’t been on top of my game since doing The Stampede which you can read about here, so I thought it would be a good chance to get back into my groove.

That was until husb rained all over my parade by telling me that he was going to run it this week as part of his training for the Brookes Challenge, Anaconda Challenge and Tough Mudder.

As it was parkruns birthday there was a Super Hero fancy dress theme, I did advise husb that if he wanted to do parkrun on this very special of days then he needed to embrace the Superhero theme, however I was met with a resolute, “I am not wearing a cape I am trying to get a PB babe, it’s part of my training, I am taking it seriously etc etc”
In my opinion if you are going to swoop in and steal my parkrun thunder you need to embrace the theme – but as husb is a ‘serious’ runner – (which I apparently do not qualify as) this was not to be!

Check out husbs ‘serious running face’!


So the Bear and I were relegated to the sidelines as husbs cheer squad instead.
Because it was the 1st Birthday parkrun was massive this week and besides the many super heroes milling about, the parkrun sponsers Adidas were there handing out free trainers to parkrunners who wanted to try them out on their lap round the lake.


Also Craig Mottram (Australian Olympic 5000m runner extrodinaire no less) was there to try to beat the parkrun 5K record – he wimped out at the last minute though, something about a sprained ankle!


It was such a good atmosphere, I was quite sad that I wasn’t taking part this week, as I do it every week but thems the breaks, I stood aside for the greater good!

The Bear was on fab cheering form though and even had a little race with daddy afterwards.




Next week I am on it like a car bonnet though! (unless husb says he is doing it again of course!)


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I had every intention this weekend, but didn’t get out of bed until 10 til 7. The 2 parkruns near me are 20-25 minutes away. I was looking forward to going to the other one and doing a different track. Have been investigating a Jan 13th triathlon – 300m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run. That’s the wimp’s circuit tho 🙂 750/20/5 for the serious folk!

  2. Brilliant, you should do it! It is good to have something to work towards I think. The wimps one is a good starting point I think, I am a wimp too. 🙂

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