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Shopping up a storm

In a (very unlike us) effort to get organised for Chrimbletide, we packed up the Bear and went on an excursion to Chadstone a massive shopping centre not far from us, this weekend.

Well I say it was for Christmas, really we went to buy a barbecue because we decided enough was enough and in order to fully immerse ourselves in Aussie life and culture we needed to get the largest most ridiculously expensive outdoor oven (as featured on ‘Better Homes and Gardens’) that we could possibly find. We made it our mission, this was the weekend we were going to do it, kit ourselves out so that we could ‘chuck another shrimp on the barbie’ and other stereotypical Aussie things!

Husb however, is really not the most patient of men and the idea of going to a labyrinth of a shopping centre the size of a small town, were you can never find the exit until you are so dehydrated, claustrophobic and deprived of natural light that you are ready to sell a lung to the first person to show you how to get out, fills him with such dread that he would rather boil one of his own eyeballs then go shopping.

Add to this the fact that he has me, (shopper extrodinaire) to contend with who simply has to ‘pop in here for a second’ just to look at the shoes, and then ‘oh thats lovely isn’t it, wouldn’t it go well with my new jeans, let me just run in and check they have my size’ and ‘Oh can I just go in there for a min, I saw it on TV and want to see if it is as nice material as it looked’, or some other lame excuse to spend his money browse. Then add a 20 month old squirmy child (who seems to have inherited his dads lack of patience) to the mix who HATES being in his pram for more than 3 seconds and it would seem we have the perfect cocktail for divorce.

So with this in mind it was with some trepidation that we made the journey to Chadstone Shopping Centre.
The journey wasn’t at all bad, about 20 minutes and we were there
Score 1.

In to the multi storey, found parking space immediately, (they had these nifty little lights that tell you where there are spaces to save you driving around like a loon getting road rage when some ignorant driver, decides to conveniently ignore the fact that you are indicating to go into a space and then nip into it and claim it was theirs all along)
Score 2.

Then into the shopping centre we went, I was shocked by the lack of people, I thought it would be absolutely jam packed with it being a Saturday in the run up to Christmas. Obviously a few people but no where near the amount of people that would be in say Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush this weekend
Score 3.

The other thing that we noticed while wandering aimlessly trying to get the Bear to go to sleep in his pram (he didn’t) was that although it is nearing Christmas and is now acceptable to advertise it; apart from the odd Christmas Tree in the larger Department Stores and a bit of festive postering here and there, that was it, there was no ramming it down your throat like there is in the UK. It was all together a rather pleasant shopping experience
Score 4.

I wonder if it is because Christmas falls in the summertime here so it is not the only thing to look forward to, whereas in the UK, Christmas is the only ray of light in a long cold dark winter (sorry to rub it in UK readers but it’s very nearly Summer here!).
Anyway as our shopping expedition was so pleasantly surprising we got loads of stuff, shirts, shorts, dresses, tops, shoes, sun umbrella . . . . loads.
Our Monster Truck was jam packed on the way home, yet something was niggling at me, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was though.
Anyway – all this writing is making me hungry, I think for tonights dinner we will chuck some shrimps on the . . . . .
Oh crap!


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4 thoughts on “Shopping up a storm

  1. Anna on said:

    Brilliant Rhe! You can always get one on your next shopping trip! Xxx

  2. I might leave the bbq shopping to the man of the house!

  3. ahahahahaha. that sounds like something we would do. go all the way to a shopping centre out of our way and then not get what we went for! maybe there’s a BBQs Galore or something near you so you can avoid the massive shopping centre?

  4. Yep I think we will have to go to Bunnings or BBqs Galore that only sells stuff like that so that we don’t get waylaid next time. I think we just got a bit over excited with the vast array of shops that were there! Must stick to the plan on our next attempt!

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