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Far from home

I did have another post that I was all set to publish today, it was one about our weekend. I think I will save that one for another time though.

It just didn’t feel right posting it the way that I am feeling today. It doesn’t reflect my mood at this very moment as I write this. It would just be another story of something that we did which is all well and good but not right for today.

While I started my blog as a journal to chronicle our Australian adventures, big and small. And as a diary of memories for the Bear to read in the future being too young now to remember his time as a ‘Little Aussie Nipper’. I also started blogging as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings so that I could look back on it and remember what the whole experience actually felt like at the time and I suppose to help me through the times when I am finding it tough.

Today I am finding it tough.
I don’t know how else to describe my feelings at the moment. I just feel really really far away from home.
Far away from my family and loved ones, so far from some of the people I care about most in the world (including an extra special one I have only seen once – born on the day I flew out to Oz).

I am not stupid, I know I am on the other side of the world but in all honesty apart from the first couple of days after we arrived and I was in a jetlagged haze, I have never felt like this. I mean logically I knew we were far away but it never felt like I was. (To be honest there are so many Brits here that it is a special occasion if you meet an Australian!)
Today is different though – today I just wish I could click my fingers and be home in just seconds instead of the 24 hour journey it is in reality.

I would go home, just for a few days and see all the people I care so much about. If I could I would give each of them the biggest longest and tightest hug that I possibly could. I would tell them just how much I love them, how much I am thinking of them and praying for them, how much I miss them and I would cry all over them (just as I am currently doing all over my keyboard). I would satisfy myself that they are all ok (and that they miss me too of course!) and then I would click my fingers and come back to my own little family down under.

So I am not feeling ‘home sick’ I am really not that bothered about the UK’s overcrowding, recession and crappy weather, no, it is what is there, what it represents that I miss.
I guess you could say I am feeling ‘friends and loved ones sick’.

. . . . . . . . .and very far from home . . . . . .


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23 thoughts on “Far from home

  1. oh lovely. this breaks my heart. i imagine you’ll have a lot of times when you feel like this while you’re living here in Aus. I don’t know what to say, other than blog about it/feel it/cry when and as much as you need to, and get on to skype/facebook/whatever and talk to the loved ones you’re missing. It might help to make them not feel so far away? I lived in the US for 11 years and the last few years my mum and I emailed daily, it helped to not feel so far away from her. It is so, SO hard to be on the opposite side of the world to family. Probably even harder when you have Bear. Hope the fog lifts soon. Thinking of you xo

  2. Thank you, I know the fog will lift soon enough but today I just feel fed up and sad so I am going to wallow for a bit. I know I can skype and stuff but there is just such a short period of the day when everyone is up and available that it just it makes it that much harder, but then you will know that too having lived away. Thanks for your thoughts though, makes me feel better. xxx

  3. We are out of recession I will have you know.

    Love you rhee

  4. Russ on said:

    Love you Rhe 🙂

  5. Anna on said:

    Thinking of you Rhe. I think it’s only natural to get times when the reality of how far from home and loved ones you are bites hard. I know when I went travelling there were times when all I wanted was to be in the familiarity of home and love ones. I think until you have spent time in Oz you can never appreciate just how far away it is and how isolated the country can feel.

    Tomorrow is a new day and one to cherish with Stephen and the Bear. In years to come you’ll look back and reminisce about the adventures you have had and the ones still to come!
    Focus on the good and look forward go the visits from love ones.
    We all miss you too.
    Take care and keep blogging.
    Lots of love Spanna xxxx

  6. love you Rhi it wont be long until we see you. big hug from mum and sian and sam xxx

  7. Awwww big {hugs} to you Rhian and just know we’re only a plane flight away Xx yeah I know it’s not that easy but seriously BIG hugs and kisses to you at this time and I know this is a stage you will endure whilst your over in the UK. As coloursofdunset mentions, social media and all our cyber connections will make it all better.
    So happy I clicked and connected with you via FYOB XxDani

  8. Rita Azar on said:

    I hear you, you just said everything I’m thinking. I have also a niece I haven’t met yet… I’m sending you positive thoughts from one expat to the other.

  9. I couldn’t imagine being so far from my people. People are what matters, places are just ‘things’, you know, inanimate objects… but the people, they are special, one of a kind. That must be so hard for you. Let the tears fall. Hope you manage a big hug soon x

    • Yep definitely it is all about the people you are right. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and your kind words.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  10. I think as we approach the end of the year and the Christmas season, we tend to miss family and loved ones a lot more than usual. I know I do.
    I hope you find some way to ease the pain and the heartache a little. x

  11. Your post resonated with me, Rhian. I do appreciate the heartache of being far from home even though my loved ones are only interstate. Timing, having children, travel costs, work commitments, etc. mean it’s not been easy to visit regularly. It bites more as my parents get older and all my siblings have children so my two little girls don’t get to play regularly with their cousins. I guess all we can do is call, email, Skype (though all my family are bad at all of these, myself included). I hope you find a way to move through this little patch of heartache till you get to see them all in person again.

  12. Absolutely, I don’t think it matters how far away from your loved ones you are, if you are not able to see them in person for whatever reason then you might as well be on the other side of the world and as new little people are born it makes it all the more hard that we don’t get to see them whenever we want to.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment, I am usually ok but it just hits me every now and then. Skype is great but I think we are similar to you with not being very good at it – the time difference makes it hard as there is only a small window of opportunity to do it.
    Thank you for popping over to my blog.

  13. Rhian, thanks for visiting my blog. I just read this post, and I so felt what you mean. I was born an American, and left home in 1996 to move to Australia. There were so many times I wished I could be home with friends and family. Now, so many years later, Australia home. If I left, I’d feel exactly what you describe for the friends here – isn’t that strange! I hope that you are feeling more at home now. You are not alone, even far away from home.

  14. Hi Patricia – You are very welcome. I found your blog through the Anaconda challenge, my husb did it at the weekend too, finished a couple of minutes before your team so you probably even saw each other! I enjoyed reading your post about it from a competitors viewpoint, I have just posted about it from a spectators viewpoint as well.
    Thanks so much for your kind words, I am usually ok but there are a few things happening at home that just make me wish I could be there, even if I can’t actually do very much. I do love Australia though and am generally really enjoying myself here. x

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