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Why do I never get picked?

Inaugural sausage sizzle completed, we found out that the Victorian Parks Association were holding a ‘picnic day’ and one of the volunteers came over to tell us that they were holding a ‘bring the zoo to you’ a bit later in the afternoon where the kids are able to get up really close to the animals.

There were loads, snakes, dingos, cute little Koalas and a baby kangaroo. The guy that was presenting it all has his own company and he was absolutely great with the kids really engaging with them.

The Bear stuck it out for a bit before he wandered off to daddy, so while I sat mesmerised with all the young kids at the front checking out the animals, husb took charge of our Bear. (To clarify I was sat at the front initially with the Bear and then when he left, I didn’t feel like I could just get up and leave I felt a bit stupid, so instead I sat at the front with the kids and felt stupid there instead). I must say though I was a bit put out when I kept putting my hand up to be picked to go to the front and hold an animal and he kept bypassing me for the other kids – I mean he could obviously see me, I was like, right in front of him and I had my hand up the longest, it’s not even fair.

Moving on, I didn’t realise just quite how mesmerised I was until husb told me later he had followed the Bear toddling all the way around the lake (5.5km) I had no idea they were even gone!

Anyway here are the bits he did hang around for




And we got to stroke the animals afterwards – so once the Bear returned from his intrepid expedition we went and had a little chat to the kangaroo.


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6 thoughts on “Why do I never get picked?

  1. I may have just laughed out loud at you sitting up the front with all the kids and not getting picked. Too funny! How are you feeling? Hope the homesickness has subsided for now. x

    • The worst thing was I didn’t even notice there was only me as the only ‘adult’ sat down with all the kids at the front for ages as I was too engrossed and by the time I realised it was a too late!
      I am feeling a bit better now thanks – I have family coming out in January so I am concentrating on that I am really looking forward to it.
      Thanks for asking, I guess it is just going to be one of those things and it will come and go. Just life I suppose!

      • It probably will come and go, yes. Great that you have family coming out and have that to look forward to, that will help I’m sure! Glad you’re feeling a bit better thought. It’s hard to be away from family at the best of times, but especially around holiday time x

  2. Thank you 🙂 x

  3. Rita Azar on said:

    Great photos! I like the one with the kangaroo and the koala. It’s great news that you have some family coming very soon!

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