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Chuck another shrimp on the barbie!

So we finally got round to getting a proper aussie barbecue.
Husb had to go on a specific barbecue shopping trip this time to Bunnings Warehouse, which is like B&Q in the UK. This was to minimise any instances of getting waylaid with my buying, shoes, clothes, umbrellas, t-shirts – anything I could lay my hands on really. There’s not many opportunities to buy that sort of stuff there!

The plan worked, we went for a barbecue to a shop in the middle of nowhere and a barbecue we came away with!

This ain’t no run of the mill barbecue either no no, this is the Jumbuck Chef 4 Burner BBQ no less

Check her out – she’s a beauty isn’t she?


Husb spent all afternoon assembling her so we though we’d better put her through her paces.

Check out those bad boys!

This was only a little ‘getting to know you’ practice session for husb and barbie so he took it easy, which is why there are just a few little snags.

Lets see it at work again


Just Beryouderful.


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6 thoughts on “Chuck another shrimp on the barbie!

  1. sausage sizzles in the park, massive manly man BBQ…next you’ll be applying for citizenship! 😉

  2. Seriously a great barbie! Now, put a snag on the barbie!

  3. Steak Lover on said:

    I think you mean STEAK on the barbie… tssk.

  4. My mistake – sorry! 😐

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