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One for the album?

I have limited Internet here in Noosa so this is just a quickie.
We went up to The Glasshouse Mountains today. Tried to get a father and son shot of the beautiful scenery.
I really tried. Read more…


Festive Frolics Down Under

Merry Christmas one and all I hope you had a relaxing time full of your own brand of festive frolics. Our first Christmas Down Under has now been and gone, there were some similarities and the inevitable differences between here and the UK.
I’d like to say that the days leading up to the Big Day were full of the usual preparations, mad present buying, last minute wrapping, last minute ingredient buying, but I won’t because they weren’t. Instead we did this… Read more…

2012 – A game of two halves

2012 has been a bit of a biggy for our little family really what with the moving to the other side of the world and all – I wouldn’t have thought it gets much bigger than that really.
I thought it would be good to look back and remember all the trials, tribulations, pleasures and upsets that this year has brought us and what better way to do that then to link up with Grace for my review of my year of big changes. (see what I did there, a seamless link if ever there was one!)

I think it safe to say that this year has been a game of two halves, one half in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere. Read more…

Deck the halls with 10 year old tinsel fa la la la la

I have been putting off adorning my house with Christmas decorations for far too long already – mainly because I am pretty lazy. The reason I have been touting round to anyone who will listen however is that I just don’t feel like it is about to be Christmas in less than a week because it is just too hot to be Christmas. To be honest I couldn’t feel less festive if I tried really, now don’t get me wrong I am very excited about Father Christmas’s impending visit I am not being bah humbuggy, it just feels very strange not to have been bombarded with appallingly old Christmas songs on the radio since mid October like we do in the UK. Although I did find myself singing along to a certain Mariah Christmas ‘classic’ in the car with the thermometer showing 38 degrees outside, which was very weird. Still, the shops here weren’t ramming it down our throats the minute Halloween left the building as is the UK tradition. It was a very pleasant change and one which unfortunately has led me to be far too laid back about the whole thing hence no present buying until about 2 days ago, definitely no wrapping yet and obviously no decorations.
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Note to self – Tidy up my knickers!

This Friday was husbs work Christmas Do and unlike every other year when I am told politely yet firmly that partners of any kind are absolutely forbidden from attending, this one was a little different in that finally I could break free from my dutiful wifely shackles and attend the Christmas Party.

The reason for this change was twofold, firstly the office in Australia is very small consisting of around 15 people so the partners boost the numbers and secondly which is most likely to be the reason; as I go into the office sporadically husb could not pretend partners were not invited to this one (not that I am suggesting he has been economical with the truth on previous occasions of course) as colleagues would ask in conversation if I was attending he couldn’t really keep this one quiet!
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