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An Australian institution

‘Hot Potato Hot Potato’ la la la
‘Cold Spaghetti Cold Spaghetti’.

I can’t seem to get that song out of my head – yes it is in fact an actual song. I will spare you the rest of the lyrics.
That song along with many others including; ‘Wave your hands like a propeller’ (or something like that – its one of their new ones so I am not yet 100% indoctrinated with that one).
‘Fruit salad’ (a golden oldie apparently),
‘5 little ducks’ and
Ho Ho Santa,
are going around and around and around in my head.

What’s the reason for my sudden knowledge of childrens songs, why am I not singing along with the newest releases from the Top 40 hit parade like any self respecting funky chick of my tender years?

The Bloody Wiggles!

(More accurately it’s just ‘The Wiggles’ – I added the ‘Bloody’ myself I don’t think they would have gotten so far in their children’s entertainment careers if they had gone with my suggested name.)

Behold The Wiggles!

For the uninitiated The Wiggles are an Australian Institution. They have been going for 20 years and are basically a children’s entertainment/singing group – think Mr Tumble/Justin Fletcher x4 and you are somewhere in the right ball park.

I have never heard of them before, but they are absolutely HUGE here in Australia.

This weekend we had the fortune (or not depends which way you look at it) of going to see ‘The Wiggles live’ This was their farewell tour as 3 of the original members are retiring to make way for a whole new set of Wiggles.

When flight friend asked me if I fancied it, I thought sure why not, sounds like it could be fun.

On reflection, I am not sure ‘fun’ is the word I would use to describe it having now attended the event.

The show took place in Rod Laver Arena which is where they hold the Australian Open, and was packed full of screaming children with their mummys and poor unfortunate fathers who had been dragged along for this family day out. Husb was dragged along with us and flight friends husband was also dragged along and he was still trying to think of excuses not to go right until we entered the auditorium but they all fell on deaf ears bless him. Husb knew it was a losing battle so was focussing on the beers that he could have to help him through the show, his face was a picture when we learned that as this was a children’s show there was no alcohol on sale. Personally I would have thought that this would be exactly the type of event that should sell alcohol, after all it is sort of obvious who is underage – it is not like you are going to get rebellious 16 year olds trying to sneak in with fake ID.

So to the show



At one point husb turned to me with a look of bewilderment and solemnly told me that “they must be smacked off their t*ts to do this”, before turning back to the riot of colour, crazy man size green dinosaurs, pirates and dogs that were prancing about the stage and shuddering ever so slightly, although I wouldn’t put it in quite the same way I am inclined to agree.

The Bear was interested for a good 2 minutes before he started to get bored, and all the Dorothy the Dinosaurs, Wags the Dog, and Santa Clause’s in the world could do little to grab his attention after that. He proceeded to squirm, whine, and jump from my knee to husbs knee and back to mine again, repeatedly.

The stage was not up there!

I began losing the will when I realised that there was no intermission and we had to see this thing through right until the end with no respite. Husb darted off at one point to get food so he said, I think he just needed a little breather before diving right back in there for some more Wigglemania. I couldn’t blame him really. My relief was written all over my face when flight friend told me that the show was finishing an hour earlier than I thought it was and my stress levels began to subside. Flight friend had a lovely time (as did ffs husb) as their child sat angelically on her knee for the majority of the show, even when the Bear inadvertently kicked her in the ribs, whilst clawing at me and gouging my armskin out with his nails.

Sadly the show came to an end far too soon *ahem*, all I can say is it was a Wiggletastic experience (which will probably not be repeated).

We made a quick exit from the chaos in the hunt for a calming beer or ten, and peace restored, I guess I could do it again.


All together now
‘Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Cold Spaghetti, Cold Spaghetti”
and repeat …………….
and again ……………..Forever


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6 thoughts on “An Australian institution

  1. We’ve endured a few of the Wiggles live concerts. All during the time of Yellow Wiggle Sam. The Wiggles left our house when Sam was kicked out of the group so Greg could come back! They are MASSIVE in the US, too. I’m so glad Nick is past the Wiggles stage and should we have another child, I’ll do all my best to make sure he or she NEVER knows what the Wiggles are!

    • oooh interesting, that sounds like a bit of Wiggle drama – what happened, who is this Sam you speak of? tell me more?????

      • Greg got sick. Sam Moran had been a backup vocalist/musician for them for a few years, he took Greg’s place. Greg got better (read: ran out of money?) and wanted to come back, so they tossed poor Sam aside and Greg came back, only to have 3 of them announce they were retiring? Crap. There’s very much a team-Sam and Team-Greg culture I think! My SIL is team Greg b/c her kids were Greg era. Nick was Sam era. And soon people will say “Who is Murray and Greg and Jeff?!”

  2. That sounds harsh on Sam! The only original that will be left is Blue Anthony and he is leading a whole new set of Wiggles. And one of the new ones is a girl!!! Shocking. and she is the yellow one too, it must be something to do with the colour!
    I must say when they introduced them and Anthony was dancing with the new (much younger) ones he looked VERY old. Bless him.

  3. Momma Sally on said:

    love it, ‘specially the armskin gouging remarks made me laugh out loud (sor).
    from Sian not mum xXx

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