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Deck the halls with 10 year old tinsel fa la la la la

I have been putting off adorning my house with Christmas decorations for far too long already – mainly because I am pretty lazy. The reason I have been touting round to anyone who will listen however is that I just don’t feel like it is about to be Christmas in less than a week because it is just too hot to be Christmas. To be honest I couldn’t feel less festive if I tried really, now don’t get me wrong I am very excited about Father Christmas’s impending visit I am not being bah humbuggy, it just feels very strange not to have been bombarded with appallingly old Christmas songs on the radio since mid October like we do in the UK. Although I did find myself singing along to a certain Mariah Christmas ‘classic’ in the car with the thermometer showing 38 degrees outside, which was very weird. Still, the shops here weren’t ramming it down our throats the minute Halloween left the building as is the UK tradition. It was a very pleasant change and one which unfortunately has led me to be far too laid back about the whole thing hence no present buying until about 2 days ago, definitely no wrapping yet and obviously no decorations.

Well that all changed yesterday.
I finally pulled my finger out and out came the 10 year old tinsel lovingly tangled in a knot from last Christmas. Somehow that 10 year old tinsel was shipped thousands of miles to Australia only to end up in the bin after I pulled it out, got it tangled in the christmas lights (that we don’t use as we have a fibre optic tree – no real ones here small children and all!) and ending up having to take a pair of scissors to it to free the light so I could get to the tree. Why on earth I felt the need to ship tinsel to Australia I will never know, I think maybe I was concerned Australia would have none and therefore we would be doomed to a tinseless Christmas – the horror!
Anyway, by the time I had finished fighting with it, it was like a tinsel massacre had taken place in my lounge.
Still I managed it, I got the decs up with varying results. (minus the tinsel which, on reflection I think was for the best!)

The Good

The Bad

and the mince pies


and I even erected these little beauties with my own fair hands too.


Off to see Santa at Myer a big department store over here tomorrow.
Finally Feeling Festive.


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4 thoughts on “Deck the halls with 10 year old tinsel fa la la la la

  1. Anna on said:

    Merry Christmas hon. Hope my Chrissy card arrived. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the sun. Xxxx

  2. Paula Cummings on said:

    Lovely to be in a country you can celebrate it at your speed though! We’re almost made to feel guilty here if we’re not talking about it in September! I would like Christmas at my pace, when I’m good and ready. :))

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