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2012 – A game of two halves

2012 has been a bit of a biggy for our little family really what with the moving to the other side of the world and all – I wouldn’t have thought it gets much bigger than that really.
I thought it would be good to look back and remember all the trials, tribulations, pleasures and upsets that this year has brought us and what better way to do that then to link up with Grace for my review of my year of big changes. (see what I did there, a seamless link if ever there was one!)

I think it safe to say that this year has been a game of two halves, one half in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere.

January was when it was finally agreed (after a lot of wrangling) that we would be moving Down Under. The I’s were crossed and the T’s were dotted and that was it – we were off! Husb and I came out to Melbourne for a whistle stop recki tour for 5 days in January as I was a bit uneasy about moving with the Bear to a country I had never been to before. In my head I thought it would give me an idea of what it would be like to live here, but, on reflection, staying 5 days in a central Melbourne hotel, is not really going to give one an idea of how our everyday lives would be in the ‘worlds most liveable city’. Wandering the streets in a jetlagged haze and hopping on and off random trams to see if we liked the ‘feel’ of a particular suburb to live in is also not going to work really. Given that we now live in a suburb that neither of us visited while we were here in January and all of the places that we took a look at that we have since been back to are nothing like I remembered them to be when we were here in January.
Still we got a nice free business flight out of it so what’s the harm.


Onto February and March, well February flew by at speed and March was the Bears first birthday. When I look back at how little he was at the start of the year and what a little boy he has become now my heart aches a little. It goes so fast and although I try to capture every moment, it is hard. No one can prepare you for parenthood and how much you are going to love your little bundle unconditionally and that you would part oceans to protect them. It is so easy for the time to fly by and before you know it they are turning into proper little people with their own personalities. My Bear has changed so much in so many ways since that 1st birthday and I look forward to cherishing every moment, and revelling in the joy that he brings me. I am so glad I started this blog as it gives me just that,the opportunity to record all those precious things I so don’t want to ever forget. (Maybe I can remind him of the funniest and most embarrassing ones at his wedding! Just kidding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . he is NEVER getting married).

Moving on, April and May were a couple of stinker months for me. Husbs contract started at the end of April but he was back and forth to Oz on a pretty much fortnightly basis before then so it was hard work. April was the month that we moved out of our little flat in London. I was really really sad to do that as that was probably the biggest wrench for me. I can’t believe I am actually getting all teary and trembly as I think about it. Moving out of that place was pretty symbolic, that chapter of my life was coming to an end. That little flat was the first place husb and I bought together, it was the first home that the Bear ever had and it holds so many memories. Although that wasn’t the time we moved to Australia, it was the time that the Bear and I had to pack up our little life that we had built up in our little corner of London and say goodbye to all my mummy friends. I had become so close with many of them since having the Bear and I still do miss them terribly but I know that whatever happens in the future we will always be in touch one way or another. When you go through such a big thing together like having your first child it really bonds you and even if we don’t speak often I know we will always be friends.
So up North the Bear and I moved, to live with husbs parents. While husb was already in Australia. I wasn’t entirely sure how long we would be there for as my lovely sister was expecting her first child and I wanted to be there for her and see my little niece or nephew before we moved. I had all these thoughts of what I could do to help my sister after the baby came and how I could give her practical help and advice because I had become a first time mum so recently myself. But these things never quite go to plan do they . . . .more on that later. I was in a bit of limbo during that time really, as I couldn’t really start anything or start to build a life there as I knew I was leaving so that was a hard time. May was also hard as it was when I said goodbye to my bestest friends and their families, we spent a lovely last weekend away all together with adults (except husb who was already in oz) and children, it was very very loud with 7 children but I wouldn’t have changed it. I was really sad to leave knowing that we wouldn’t be able to all be together again for a long time but I know we will again. I am just not sure when it will be.

June was a better month for us, husb came back from Australia so that we could attend our lovely friends wedding in Italy. It was the most amazing holiday ever, made all the more sweet as husb and I hadn’t seen each other for a good 9 weeks before that and the Bear hadn’t seen his daddy since then. So it was lovely to all enjoy a well earned rest and be together (albeit temporarily) as a family on holiday. The holiday was topped off by the most beautiful wedding ever in Tuscany of our two lovely friends.

Our accommodation in beautiful Tuscany.

Sienna the gorgeous wedding venue – (and if you look closely you can even see husb and the Bear)

On we go to July – this was a month of new beginnings, I started my blog – hurrah!, My sister gave birth double hurrah! and I moved to Australia! (not really sure if it was hurrah at that point)
The first half of July was pretty run of the mill, we were plodding along at the in-laws waiting to move and then suddenly, I just decided that I had had enough of being apart and we rather hastily booked the flights and I hoped and prayed my sister would have the baby. Well she did! A beautiful baby boy Samuel but she didn’t half cut it fine! It also led to even more mixed feelings on the move Down Under for me as it didn’t go to plan. Samuel was born at 7am on 25th July. I flew out to start my new life in Oz at 9.30pm on 25th July. I blogged about the whole shenanigans on my shiny new blog here
So after a very hurried hello to new baby nephew I was zoomed straight from the hospital to the airport to begin our new life Down Under.

As I was new to this blogging thing when I first moved it took me a while to work out how to put pictures on my blog. (Yes I am THAT technically challenged) so I wasn’t able to share the pics of the journey that I wanted to. I thought I would take the opportunity now.

in his backpack just before we went through security.

fast asleep on the first leg to Singapore (that was the only time he slept).

August was a strange one as I was pretty much all alone in a new city on the other side of the world trying to start a new life for us. Mixed feelings was perhaps an understatement! I was very lucky as I met fast running friend though a mutual someone back in the Uk and we ended up being on the same flight out (although we didn’t see each other) and we have been each others ‘wingman’ during those first frightening days and weeks here and I am very grateful for that. I also met flight friend on the same flight and we are good pals now too, so I know it could have been alot lot harder.

September, October and November passed by in the blink of an eye, we were in a whirlwind of getting the house sorted, making a life for ourselves and going on our little family adventures . Along the way I have met some more lovely people who I now call my friends (not sure they would ha ha!) I have done some crazy things and I am having a brilliant time and making the most of it.

This December will present us with another new experience. A proper Aussie Chrimbo – I have just this minute put my decs up, bit slow I know, but we are really looking forward to spending Christmas in Melbourne and New Year on the Gold Coast. Very exciting times.

So far I am loving the life here and I am glad that we made the decision to come, but I do miss my family and friends in the Uk a lot. There is a downside to everything I suppose.
Sorry this is so long but I had to write about a whole freaking year.

The short version is this
New Year began in UK, moved to Australia in July. The end.


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18 thoughts on “2012 – A game of two halves

  1. Do you live near Summer Bay?

    • Ha ha I wish! I LOVE Home and Away. When we visit Sydney I am definitely going on the tour!

      • Whenever I hear an Aussie accent here in Los Angeles, I always say ‘oh, nice to meet you – I can’t believe you left Summer Bay’, to which we laugh and bond over shared love of Nieghbours/Kylie/Home & Away.

        TWICE now, however, I’ve made that joke unwittingly to Australians who replied with completely straight face: ‘oh, you’re a fan of my work?’ which completely ruins my joke.

        (Note to self, EVERYONE is an actors in this town, even the Australians)

  2. Look at you linking, am so proud!

    Can’t see the bit in your blog where your lovely friend taught you to blog…

    Also this don’t know when I will see you again – thought we agreed two years?

    Miss you honey x

  3. Thanks, does that mean I am like a proper blogger now?
    I owe it all to !
    Miss you too xxx

  4. Italy in June sounds lovely! Love that photo of Sienna.
    Can’t believe you only started your blog in July. You write like you’ve been around the blogosphere a lot longer πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas x

    • Oh thank you that is really nice of you to say, I really appreciate it.
      Italy was and is absolutely beautiful, it was our first time in Tuscany and we totally fell in love with it and will definitely be returning.
      Hope you have a great Christmas too x

  5. Paula Cummings on said:

    You’re a great writer. πŸ™‚

  6. What a year you’ve had. I started blogging in July too! Welcome to Australia, and merry Christmas. Lovely to have ‘found’ you. πŸ™‚

  7. Gosh, what an incredible year of change and adventure! I can’t wait to read your new instalments as you work your way through everything 2013 brings. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Rhian! You had a really busy year with your move to Australia and all the rest. I’m glad we connected through blogging. Looking forward to read more of your posts in the New Year. Best wishes for 2013!

    • Thanks Rita yes it has been a bit of a mad one. I am really pleased we found each others blog too! I will enjoy reading more of yours in the New Year. Have a lovely New Year. πŸ™‚

  9. What a year. I seem to have missed the reason you moved to Oz and whether its permanent or not – have I missed a post or are you yet to reveal? xx

  10. It is on my ‘about’ page. We moved for husbs work, initially for 2 years but who knows what will happen. Yep it has been a busy one that’s for sure. X

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