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Festive Frolics Down Under

Merry Christmas one and all I hope you had a relaxing time full of your own brand of festive frolics. Our first Christmas Down Under has now been and gone, there were some similarities and the inevitable differences between here and the UK.
I’d like to say that the days leading up to the Big Day were full of the usual preparations, mad present buying, last minute wrapping, last minute ingredient buying, but I won’t because they weren’t. Instead we did this…

The festive Albert Melbourne parkrun. 38 degrees wearing a furry santa hat, (wouldn’t recommend!)

I also took the Bear to see Father Christmas at Myer in the city. The 3 kids (fast running friend and New Zealand friends children) ran amok in Santa’s house, we got our picture and I am sure I heard Santa C breathe an audible sigh of relief as we left. There was also a little Santa train which the Bear went on and loved. It was very cute, he was right at the front behind the driver looking bemused, concentrating really hard and holding on for dear life whilst randomly shouting “choo choo” to no one in particular. 20121227-212935.jpg

Christmas Day was pretty different this year, for a start it was pretty quiet, just the 3 of us. We spent it in Melbourne and it was lovely and chilled. We had a BBQ breakfast (natch), then cycled to the beach for a couple of stubbies and a run around for the Bear. I don’t actually think there were any Aussies there, just a few brits who wanted to say that they had spent Christmas Day on the beach. We saw Muddy Melbourne friend on the beach with her family as well, and of course being British they had the same idea as us, got to go to the beach so we can upload it onto Facebook later!20121227-214532.jpg

The rest of the afternoon went by in a pleasantly unstressed, slightly drunken way. We drank pink champagne, and cooked the turkey on the BBQ which turned out very well. There was a tiny incident with the roasties when I set my oven gloves on fire but we’ll gloss right on over that.20121227-223837.jpg

Christmas Dinner was a UK/Aussie mash up. We did a roast in the BBQ with an Aussie twist. Then I made an ice cream plum pudding from a recipe I found here on Hey Bernice’s blog. It didn’t turn out looking quite the same as the perfect one on the blog, but it tasted lovely. Given the fact I made the largest one ever, it is a good job we like it as we are going to be eating it for the next 6 months!

Boxing Day we took a day trip to Daylesford about an hour away from Melbourne. Daylesford is the spa capital of Australia with an abundance of natural springs. As we had the Bear with us we couldn’t really try any of the coupley spa treatments available so instead we spent the day down by Daylesford lake where we had a picnic lunch then took a walk round the lake.

It was absolutely beryouderful and we will definitely be heading down there again to check out those spas in more detail.

So there we have it, our first Melbourne Christmas done and dusted. We are heading off to the Gold Coast over New Year, so I will update on our shenanigans on our return. . . . .Until then I will leave you with the immortal words of the legend that is Sir Shakin of the Stevens (you have to sing it) Merry Christmas everyone!


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12 thoughts on “Festive Frolics Down Under

  1. Russ on said:

    ..and getting so drunk that you dont remember facetiming us 😀

  2. Looks fab rhee x

  3. Anna on said:

    Stubbies on the beach sounds amazing!! So glad you had a great Christmas. Xxx

  4. Summer Christmas is certainly different to a winter one! It’s nice, but will never beat the “magic” of a winter/white Christmas! How long are you coming to the GC for?! Hope you love it 🙂

    • It was definitely a novel experience. We are on G C for 5 days so not v long at all really. Hopefully stay longer next time. Hope you and yours had a fab Christmas. X

  5. Rita Azar on said:

    Enjoy Gold Coast Rhian!

  6. I’m an Aussie born and bred but I’ve never had a Christmas on the beach. We really should try it sometime seeing as the beach is two blocks away. Anyhoo your day looks wonderful. Those pink champagnes look mighty tempting.

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