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One for the album?

I have limited Internet here in Noosa so this is just a quickie.
We went up to The Glasshouse Mountains today. Tried to get a father and son shot of the beautiful scenery.
I really tried.




Did not succeed!


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5 thoughts on “One for the album?

  1. Love these pictures!

  2. Anna on said:

    Beautiful Rhian. Shame about the wriggler!! So cute. Xxx

    • It was an amazing view. I will get a good picture of the two of them. It might be when he is 18 but I WILL do it!

      • Anna on said:

        Louis my nephew is the same! I ‘tried’ on Christmas Day to get a picture of the two of us. The best I got was Louis poking his tongue out!!! Have a wonderful New Year hon. See you soon. Xxx

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