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Pimp my Blog

Today I am pimping out my blog to anyone who will listen. Sorry!

The MAD blog award nominations are now open. For those of you who don’t know let me explain.
The MADs are blog awards celebrating the best parent bloggers in the UK, sponsored by popular parenting website Parentdish. The MADs are very influential and very cool and I would love to be nominated for one. Which is where you – my lovely readers come in.

If you like reading about my adventures in Melbourne please would you consider nominating me for a MAD Blog award this year pretty please, and extra pleases on top!

MAD Blog Awards

All you have to do to nominate me is click on the link I have helpfully included below and nominate me where you think I would fit best. (I think my blog probably sits best in the ‘best family travel blog’ category and ‘best new blog’ , but if you fancy nominating me in any other categories please feel free!)
My blog URL is

It would be really lovely if you would nominate me and I would love you all forever. Ok I will stop grovelling now.

One last time though
Please nominate me – you know it makes sense.
Ok Ok I’m definitely going now.
But Please!
Sorry sorry, That’s it promise . . . I’m gone.


The Melbourne Colonial Tram Car

20130127-160854.jpgBefore mum and sis arrived Down Under I booked the 3 of us a table on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. It is an old colonial era tram that trundles its way around Melb while those on board enjoy a very civilised top notch a la carte dinner. It is just up my mums street so I thought she would really enjoy it. Now you may be wondering why I did not book a table for all 4 of us and include husb, well let me tell you I did try.

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A little respect please.

It has come to my attention that, in the past in some of my blog posts, I have not been particularly complimentary about husbs sporting prowess. Therefore in an effort to put right some of those wrongs today I am giving him the respect and adoration that he so rightly deserves and I am dedicating this post nay! this blog to his many many sporting achievements since we have been Down Under.
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An insight into a second

Having a 6 month old baby in our house over the last few days has given me the tiniest of glimpses into life as a 2 child family. I have discovered that it. is. really. bloody. hard.
I have listed a few things I have noticed in the short time that we have been a temporary 2 child family.

1. Constant thirst due to the fact that it takes approximately 2 hours to make a single cup of tea. Boiling the kettle while feeding small child, forgetting all about it when toddler starts using the sofa as a trampoline and chucking himself head first off the back repeatedly whilst grinning in the knowledge that apart from a bit of telling off there is nothing much mummy can do to discipline him due to the smaller child pinning her to the sofa sucking away contentedly at the bottle that must not be moved under any circumstances or screaming will commence. AND BREATHE.
Add to this the fact that toddler knows that mummy is powerless to even raise her voice for fear of upsetting younger child and you are in a catch 22 right there. Should you, however be quick enough to boil water AND get it into the cup with the teabag, 9 times out of 10 it will be left for so long that when you finally get round to drinking it, it is stone cold and the consistency of treacle.

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Considering career options.

I feel that I am at a bit of a turning point in my work life at the moment. I have been thinking about what is next for my career for a little while now. Since I gave the Bear life I haven’t gone back to my old job and since moving to Australia, to be honest I have been having too good a time to think about work. Well, no, thats wrong actually; I have thought about work quite a bit and on each occasion dismissed the idea pretty quickly.
I am however, still considering my options and over recent days I have been toying (excuse the pun) with the idea of a career in child care as an option. I mean I am a mum myself, like how hard can it be really?

Now as you may know from my previous post, my sister, mum and little nephew are visiting at the moment. I have been looking forward to it for so long. I could hardly wait to hold my little nephew in my arms and give him a big hug and squeeze from his Auntie. I had also been really looking forward to helping out as much as I can to give my sister a little break.

I got my opportunity to help pretty soon into their time here.
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