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Back to the future (or Happy New Year)

I really really wanted to blog on the first day of the year to wish you a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, however I will have to make do with blogging on the second day of the year instead as I have only just got internet access so I am quickly blogging from the Qantas lounge at Brisbane airport before we head on back to Melbourne.

Happy New Year from what I thought was the Gold Coast but turns out is actually not the Gold Coast at all, but is in fact the Sunshine Coast. Thanks to coloursofsunset for putting me right on that little detail. Apparently we are actually 2 hours away from the real Gold Coast! I started my blog in part to be memories of our time here, not a very good blog if I can’t even work out where I am is it. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I had a Geography degree would you.

Anyhoo, moving on, we celebrated our New Year in Queensland (at least that is the right state . . . . It is the right state isn’t it? Properly doubting myself now).

It was a quiet one for us, due to the Bear, we spent the day at the zoo and then came back early evening to a fish and chip supper (much like the UK) eaten alongside the beautiful Noosa river (not like the UK).
We let the Bear run wild for a bit which he seems to be doing with great frequency at the moment whether we let him or not, until he was so tired that we broke him. Husb and I did a mental high five (as we were too tired to do a real one) that we had finally managed to tire him out and after we put him to bed we set about our New Years Eve craziness. We cracked a bottle of champers and celebrated on our balcony in my pyjamas. Rock and roll.

Once the clock struck 12 we did the obligatory family calling. It was very odd calling family members in the UK who were still in 2012 while we were in 2013 already. It was 2pm in the afternoon on 31st in the UK when it hit midnight in Noosa QLD Australia, while it was 1am on the 1st in Melbourne as they are an hour ahead. Got that? All very confusing. What was even weirder was that when we woke up the following morning (technically same morning) it STILL wasn’t New Year in the UK. Seriously, you lot are like so last year!

Anyway, now that I have given you my lesson in telling the time, I will move on.

I have already done my round up of the year that was so I won’t re hash, but last year was a pretty rubbish one for a number of people who are close to me, for a number of different reasons, and I know that they will be glad to shut the door on 2012. I hope that 2013 brings only good things for them. I hope that this is a year of new beginnings, of casting aside the lows of 2012, of taking the highs with them and moving onwards and upwards, because I know that there are amazing things waiting to happen for them, I just know it. They all deserve an amazing 2013 and beyond.

I had some pretty great ups (moving to Australia and the birth of my nephew) and some pretty solid lows (leaving and missing friends and family, being about as apart from husb as you could possibly get while he was in Oz and I was In UK ) but overall I am really happy to be together with my little family and very much looking forward to many more little adventures. Starting with a pretty great family visit in less than a week! Who know’s where 2013 will take us but I am excited to find out . . . .



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5 thoughts on “Back to the future (or Happy New Year)

  1. Yaaaaay 4 days to go baby !

  2. hahahaha you crack me up. Yes, you got the State right at least. Do you really have a deg in Geo? Classic! To be fair, the sunny coast is probably a bit nicer and less touristy than the GC.

  3. I feel like I should say no so that I don’t look so stupid but I do in fact have a Geography degree, the shame! The SUNSHINE coast was lovely and it definitely wasn’t as crowded as I thought it was going to be considering it was such a busy week for people going away on hols. X

  4. Happy New Year – here’s to a very happy 2013

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