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A little respect please.

It has come to my attention that, in the past in some of my blog posts, I have not been particularly complimentary about husbs sporting prowess. Therefore in an effort to put right some of those wrongs today I am giving him the respect and adoration that he so rightly deserves and I am dedicating this post nay! this blog to his many many sporting achievements since we have been Down Under.

So we move on to said sporting achievements.

Now first and foremost, I must tell you that husb has been involved in a local football league on a Monday evening.
He started this not long after the Bear and I got to Oz and he plays a bit of everything but in a traditional footie team he plays left midfield.
Anyway the season is 12 weeks long – and guess what! They won! Yes thats right they won the whole league. I was very impressed and as soon as he told me this wonderful news I was already picking out a lovely pair of shoes to spend his prize money on. Imagine then my disappointment when I was advised that there was no prize money, there was something better than prize money,
there was this . . .


Now don’t get me wrong this is a very lovely trophy, but I don’t think it is legal tender in Australia. Sigh!

Still, moving on and the next challenge on the agenda was the ‘Brookes Spring into Shape series’. This was a 14.8k run along the Yarra River. It was an early one so (shock) the Bear and I did not get up in time to get to the start line for the start of the race with him. BUT before you condemn me I did throw the Bear onto the back of my back and cycle like the wind to the finish line so that we could catch him running through the finish area in a blaze of glory and cheer for him. . . . . . . . Except we didn’t quite make it in time to actually see him finish.
Wait . . .
We did get there about 2 minutes after he had finished and (phew) just in time to see him collect his bag from the bag drop area – which he did amazingly well, so that was something at least!


Onwards and upwards to Challenge number 3. This was a beauty, the ‘Anaconda Challenge’! This was a team effort which took place in Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. It was a challenge that involved an open water Kayak, an open water swim, a trail run and a mountain bike leg. Husb took part in this challenge with a team that changed members about 40 times before the event actually happened. I think people had agreed to do their particular leg without doing any research on what it actually entailed and once they realised what, in fact they had to complete suddenly couldn’t do it. The team were dropping like flies and I think the eventual line up was only confirmed hours before the event and bore no resemblance to the original team.
Anyhow, ‘Team Anaconda – The Newcomers’ got there in the end. Each individual had to complete their particular leg and then to finish off, the entire team had to run the length of the beach to the finish.
This was a tough one.


So you see, husb deserves some recognition for his many achievements detailed above.

Now the question is where to put all of his trophies and medals from winning/taking part in these events. . . . if only we had shipped out the home made trophy cabinet that husb lovingly made when he was in high school, that would have been ideal to store his silverware. Such a shame I ‘forgot’ to take it from his mums house and ship it thousands of miles to Australia with us.

Like I said . . . . such a shame! :-0

Now can I get a virtual round of applause please.


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4 thoughts on “A little respect please.

  1. big virtual pat on the back to him and a “way to go mate!” *rolls eyes* ha ha!! if we wanted recognition for all the amazing things we did as mums on a daily basis the list would be never ending! 😉 how are your fam enjoying their visit? Are they in love with Melb?

    • Tell me about it, we don’t need a trophy shelf (though I would quite like one!)
      Fam having a great time thanks, they are liking what they have seen of Melbs so far – phew!!

  2. Haha! About the trophies, it reminds me the wife of the cousin of hubby. Her husband do shooting (clay targets) and he has that many trophies she don’t know where to put them anymore. So he built a shelf specifically to put them and they put it in the garage!
    How’s your family going? Are they enjoying Melbourne?

  3. Ha ha poor fella all his trophies in the garage where no one can see! Maybe I will get husb to build his own shelf as I couldn’t ship his home made cabinet over!!
    We are all having a lovely time thanks – so nice to be together and they are enjoying Melbourne so far which is good.. xx

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