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Pimp my Blog

Today I am pimping out my blog to anyone who will listen. Sorry!

The MAD blog award nominations are now open. For those of you who don’t know let me explain.
The MADs are blog awards celebrating the best parent bloggers in the UK, sponsored by popular parenting website Parentdish. The MADs are very influential and very cool and I would love to be nominated for one. Which is where you – my lovely readers come in.

If you like reading about my adventures in Melbourne please would you consider nominating me for a MAD Blog award this year pretty please, and extra pleases on top!

MAD Blog Awards

All you have to do to nominate me is click on the link I have helpfully included below and nominate me where you think I would fit best. (I think my blog probably sits best in the ‘best family travel blog’ category and ‘best new blog’ , but if you fancy nominating me in any other categories please feel free!)
My blog URL is

It would be really lovely if you would nominate me and I would love you all forever. Ok I will stop grovelling now.

One last time though
Please nominate me – you know it makes sense.
Ok Ok I’m definitely going now.
But Please!
Sorry sorry, That’s it promise . . . I’m gone.


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3 thoughts on “Pimp my Blog

  1. Hi Rhian! I just nominated you but my stupid computer crashed in the middle of the process. I tried to go back but they say that I already voted… I hope it worked. Good luck!
    Did my explanations to put the badge on your blog helped?

    • HI Rita – Thank you so much for nominating me Thank you, thank you!! 🙂 I hope it has worked, I will see if I can check that your vote has gone through – I need all the votes I can get.
      Your advice did help and I tried it again a fewtimes but for some reason the picture keeps corrupting, I wonder if it could be a problem my end. I am not very good at these techy things!!!

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