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A Miserable night.

It has been a week now since mum and sis left Australia and I am missing them a lot. I really enjoyed their time here and we did some fab stuff while they were here.
On one particular night, the plan was to pop along to the cinema to go and watch that well known comedy ‘Les Miserables’.

I had been looking forward to going to see it for ages as I have never seen it on stage before but know many of the songs word for word having sung pretty much all of them when I was in the school choir. I really should have been on the stage, I clearly missed my vocation you know! Anyway, I had been trying in vain to get husb to come with me but to no avail, as he ‘doesn’t do musicals’. So I was so happy when sis and mum were as excited about going to see it as me.

We headed off to the cinema stupidly early leaving husb to babysit the Bear and nephew in law. We had bought our tickets way in advance so all we needed to do was turn up, get our cinema snacks and go and watch the film.

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The words I NEVER thought I would say . . .

To be honest it is a little bit painful to say, but I am just going to steel myself, be strong and just come out with it.

Okay, here goes . . . . .
Hello, my name is Rhian and tonight I watched (gulp). . . .
tonight I watched Cliff Richard live in concert.
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Fast Track Friends

A few days ago my lovely New Zealand friend moved out of Melbourne and back to Sydney. We hugged and said our weepy farewells while our respective children, stood staring each other out in some sort of stand off at the O.K Corral. As we waved them off I got to thinking about how different my friendships have been since moving here.

I mean I have only known New Zealand friend for a few short months, but in that time, we have really got to know each other, taking day trips, going for nights out, helping each other out practically whenever we have needed it and generally enjoying and exploring Melbourne life together. It has been really natural, not forced in any way, I’m really going to miss her and I know that we will be staying in touch even though she is no longer 10 minutes up the road. I have my first visit already in the diary.
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The Supper Market

Husb, Bear and I were invited to the Supper Market this week.

We had never heard of it before but thought it sounded quite interesting and it would be fun to go along and see what it was all about.

The Supper Market takes place in the grounds of Abbotsford Convent. The Convent is now no longer used as a Convent but instead is now a Community Hub and arts centre with lots of cool things going on there especially over the summer, including high teas, an outdoor cinema in the courtyard and of course The Supper Market. Read more…

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