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Australian Open – Mens Final

Now I know I am late to the party given that this happened over a week ago now but I couldn’t not blog about it. I finally managed to get round to it though – well it’s hard with my new living arrangements!
Anyway, husb and I were lucky enough to score some tickets to the Australian Open Mens Final. Not just ground passes but actual tickets to the actual Rod Laver Arena where the final was being played.

We got all dressed up for the occasion (flip flops are dressed up for husb believe me).


I was very excited and we half arranged to meet up with flight friend who was also going. Funnily enough the last time we were at Rod Laver was when we went to see the Wiggles with said flight friend. The arena looked slightly different this time to when we went to the Wiggles and this time you could take alcohol into the arena which was a big relief to husb. As it turned out we managed to say a hurried hello to flight friend and then dashed into the Arena with our hot dogs and wine/beer and sat down to watch history (hopefully) unfold before our eyes.

It was a fantastic atmosphere in the arena, and the Australian Open is a good place to go and see them as even though we were quite high up we could still see really well.


We watched some of the TV coverage afterwards and were surprised to hear that the players were unhappy that there was heckling by the crowd. I am not sure what they mean by it as I didn’t hear any heckling just people shouting for Murray and Djokovic cheering them on. Some people did choose stupid times to do it, like when they were about to serve though, which was ridiculous. I don’t think they were really cheering them on they just wanted to get their voice heard on the TV.


By now you all know that the history that we wanted to unfold before our very eyes did not happen. It would have been brilliant to have been able to say that we had seen Murray win at the Australian Open live but it wasn’t to be. It doesn’t take away from the fact that it was an absolutely amazing experience though and I am really pleased that we got to go despite the fact it is husb who is the real tennis fan and really really wanted Murray to win and I just went to try and get on the TV!


Neither of which happened.

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4 thoughts on “Australian Open – Mens Final

  1. I could barely read this without wanting to throw things at you purely out of sheer jealousy!! I’d give a LIMB to be at a men’s final!!! (would rather not be at a women’s given Azarenka’s shrieking). What an experience! I’m super impressed (and still jealous as sin).

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