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parkrun Aussie Style

The family have been here for 3 weeks now and things seem to be settling down quite nicely. Sis and mother are now well and truly over their jetlag which is good (although not for sis who now has no excuse to stay in bed in the morning or go for an afternoon nap – lack of excuse doesn’t seem to stop her though!)
Sister appears to be treating her holiday as some form of self imposed boot camp and when she is not dragging me to gym classes, or doing parkrun, she is nagging me to do my kettlebell DVD at home. Now don’t get me wrong I think it is great to be so motivated but I wish she would stop making me feel bad by being so crazy enthusiastic all the time. So far we’ve done parkrun, Jennifer Ellison’s (ex UK soap star) DVD, Kettlebells, Zumba, swimming and BodyPump. I am shattered just listing those. In all honesty it is good though to be out and about doing things and making the most of the Great Aussie Summer while the UK freezes in the snow. Don’t get me wrong I love the snow, but the snow has its place, like when I am at the top of an Alp about to ski down, not so much when I have to commute to work (or anywhere) when all public transport has ground to a halt and there is a general ‘snowmaggedan’.

Back to bootcamp – I mean holiday. It was the Australia Day holiday weekend recently and of course we went to parkrun on Saturday morning. There was an Australia fancy dress theme and it was very funny to see the many outfits on display. There was a ‘Steve Irwin’ complete with actual inflatable crocodile – crikey!. There was a giant ‘thong’ running around the lake too. To my UK readers do not fret that it was a giant g-string running around (although that would have been very funny if a little uncomfortable for the runner). No thongs in Oz are flip flops in the UK, so it was just a giant flip flop nothing more sinister than that! There were a plethora of Aussie flags, sunglasses, headbands etc as well. Sister and I got into the Australian vibe by wearing Aussie Aussie Aussie T-shirts which I felt offered a certain amount of classy panache to proceedings.

Do you agree? (Actually don’t answer that).

Sis did really well and got another PB this week which was brilliant, that girl is on fire! I, on the other hand, did not. I was running around the lake with a bit of a stitch thinking I was doing not too badly I hadn’t see Nemesis so figured I was ahead (in actual fact she wasn’t there) but my naivety spurred me on. I was happily running along thinking I was well on for a PB when aforementioned ‘big thong’ ran up alongside me. He usually runs as a pacer so I asked him in between gasping for air, if he was the 28 min pacer only to be told that no he was in fact the 30 min pacer and was about to overtake me. Damn it! We did some quick maths between us to work out if I could make up the remaining time in the 1.5k there was left to run. My maths is horrendous, he was pretty similar as he basically just told me to cain it and see what happens. So I did cain it – zooming off ahead of giant thong.
For a bit.
Then I started getting tired, the stitch set in big time, the legs began to slow and I struggled to keep going at the same pace. I remembered what thong had said though about when I reached the road it was 800m to go so when I got to the road I tried to maintain my pace. I attempted a sprint finish, but I think I left it too late to change gear so I didn’t really have much of a hope of a 28 min finish time. Looking back at the photos giant thong was never that far behind me either so I must have speeded up faster in my mind than in my actual legs.

Sis came in a little later and off we went for Brekkie on the lake, we had lured mum down with the promise of breakfast and it didn’t disappoint.

So lets see if sis can continue her winning streak with another PB next time. Bootcamp must be working.!

*Apologies to runner now known as ‘thong’ – but then there are worse things to be called (can’t think of them right now though!!)

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4 thoughts on “parkrun Aussie Style

  1. the image of you running and having a conversation with a giant thong is hilarious. i haven’t been to park run in ages, but need to. have started running Tuesdays with 2 other mums I know and they’re fast. They’re going to kill me. I felt like a dog being dragged behind a truck trying to keep up. p.s. I do not condone dragging dogs behind trucks.

  2. Ha ha Good to know! Good luck on your Tuesday runs, I bet you will be keeping up with them in no time minus the dogs and trucks!!

  3. Don’t forget I’ve been to boxing too ;o)

  4. OOops yes how could I forget!

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