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The Apostles take 2 – a gorge(ous) weekend

Last weekend, we headed out of Melbourne and trucked off down the Great Ocean Road for the weekend. It is so beautiful down there that I wanted to make sure that my mum and sis got to experience it.
In order to make this all happen we of course had to hire an additional car to get us and all our stuff (so much stuff) down there. We packed the monster truck to the rafters and I drove that down complete with sis, mum and baby nephew. Husb packed hire car up until it was bursting and drove himself and the Bear down together for a bit of a ‘boys roadtrip’.

I must say that the drive down to our accommodation was much more pleasant without the usual screaming from the Bear competing with Peppa Pig on full volume, accompanied by baby crying, with the addition of whoever is unfortunate enough to be sandwiched between the two of them singing in a rather panicky high pitched voice to try to keep them entertained while front seat passenger tries the distraction method of hunt for the non existent digger/bike/truck. All while I retreat into my own little world listening to some random tunes on the radio while also straining to hear what ‘Bruce the sat nav’ is telling me. Yep definitely a more pleasant journey down.

We arrived at our accommodation Ellura Retreat around 4pm and the surroundings certainly didn’t disappoint. The owners had said in our email exchange that they thought we would really love it and they were not wrong. It was a beautiful little cottage set back from Apollo Bay in acres of woodland right in the heart of koala country. Absolutely gorgeous.


We were absolutely surrounded by birds and we could hear the koalas high up in the trees, we didn’t see them on the property this time but were told that they are often there, I guess we just didn’t know where to look.
The birds were fabulous though and there were a family of King Parrots (husb told me that is what they were I am no twitcher!) who would come and join us for breakfast each morning.



The owners have told us that they have sold the property now and are not sure what plans the new owners have for the place. I really hope that they choose to keep it on as a business as it would be a shame to keep all that to themselves!

Those Apostles were first on the agenda bit of deja vu I know but I wanted to make sure that mum and sis got to see them. Husb and the Bear stayed in Apollo Bay and had a manly day and we trucked off towards the Apostles with baby nephew.
Mum and sis loved the Apostles and we were really lucky to have got a lovely sunny day so they could be seen in all their crumbly glory. (There are still 8 left from the last time we went in case you were wondering,thankfully no more have disappeared just yet). Sis had nephew strapped to her front and once again there were many unsolicited photo opportunities from fellow tourists as she and nephew wandered the walkways – no not of the Apostles of cute baby nephew!.


After we had ticked the Apostles off the list we popped over to Loch Ard Gorge, I stayed and looked after baby nephew while sis and mum went and had a look. I am assured that it was beryouderful, but as neither of them bothered to take any photos I can’t share them here and we will have to take their word for it – tsk!

Next on the agenda was Gibson’s Steps. Sis and I did this as mum couldn’t be bothered to negotiate all those steps down to the beach – just plain lazy I say.
We attempted to get some nonchalant jumping poses on the beach







I am sure sis was doing it on purpose.
But my my wasn’t the end result worth it eh *ahem*.

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6 thoughts on “The Apostles take 2 – a gorge(ous) weekend

  1. I have just (silently, for fear or waking baby in cot next to me) laughed my head off at those jumping photos and the memory of us trying to get a photo ! I love how in the later ones you have discarded your body warmer ahahahahahahahahaaaa :o)

  2. Russell Halley on said:


  3. Rita Azar on said:

    These last pictures are gorgeous! When my parents came over we took them there. It was raining cats and dogs. Mum did not want to get out of the car. Hubby went to by her a blue disposable poncho. My mum did not want to wear it and the start! And then she did and off we went! It was very funny! they really like it!

  4. I was shattered by the end of taking all of those photos Rita. Such a shame it was raining when your folks went, we were really lucky to have good weather by the time we got there as it was raining too in the morning when we travelling to it. It is an amazing view though isn’t it. I just love it. x

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