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The words I NEVER thought I would say . . .

To be honest it is a little bit painful to say, but I am just going to steel myself, be strong and just come out with it.

Okay, here goes . . . . .
Hello, my name is Rhian and tonight I watched (gulp). . . .
tonight I watched Cliff Richard live in concert.

*hangs head*

Yes you heard me right.
Your eyes do not deceive you.

For the benefit of those who have just spat their drink of choice all over the screen let me repeat so that there can be no confusion.



I honestly don’t know how it happened. One minute we were going for a nice leisurely stroll along the South Bank on a lovely sunny Melbourne afternoon and the next?


Well the next we were somehow buying tickets to see Cliff Richard – I really don’t know what came over me. I am ashamed to say that I was the one that saw the poster and pointed it out, it was me who uttered the immortal words “it can’t hurt to go and see how much it is”.

Turns out it could hurt.
A lot.

You see in my mind when I mentioned this to sibling and parent, it was with a view to them going, and me staying at home and selflessly looking after the children while they endured enjoyed a night of Cliff. I was absolutely not going. At all. Ever.
Until mum gave me the doe eyes and the “oh it will be so lovely for us all to go together” and “we are going home soon.”
She was so excited.
I just couldn’t say no.
To be honest she had me at the doe eyes.

So I went – purely for her you understand – purely for the woman who gave me life.

I turned up late due to childminding problems, which did not go down at all well with the die hard Cliff fans in our row. We were VIP seats don’t you know. By the time I got there though he was 4 songs down and on a roll.

I didn’t want to like it, I really didn’t but somehow Cliff drew me in.

First my fingers were drumming my knee, then my toes were a tappin, then I was full on clapping. Until eventually I was on my feet whooping and hollering with the best of them.

I drew the line at rushing down to the front for the encore with the hoards of women of a certain age though, to be honest I was a bit frightened for my life – a lot of them had walking implements that could have worked very well as weapons if I got in the way of them getting their piece of Cliff action.

So to my verdict
I like Cliff he seems like a very nice man and he has still got the moves for someone in his 7th decade.

Not bad.

Don’t judge me.

*Thanks to the lovely very excited lady who let me photograph her T-shirt!

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20 thoughts on “The words I NEVER thought I would say . . .

  1. Anna on said:

    Wrong Rhian……just WRONG! Australia has changed you hon!
    Ps – I did literally choke on my cuppa tea!


  2. *shakes head sadly*

    *struggles to find something to say*


    *shakes head again*

    *gently closes laptop and walks away*

  3. Linda on said:

    I DO judge you… for reinforcing the rubbish sentiment that it is shameful to go to (or even enjoying) a Cliff Richard concert. THIS. MAN. IS. A. LEGEND.

    • Well he certainly must be doing something right to have been around for so long. He’s not my cup of tea but as I said in the post I did end up quite enjoying it. Each to their own I say. It is part of life that we all have our own opinions, ideas and musical tastes.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting Linda.

  4. What’s worst, going to see Cliff Richard or not knowing who Cliff Richard is… Oups, I’m off to you tube him!

  5. Bev on said:

    My mum would be impressed….that is as positive as I can be…..

  6. Sorry I missed the deadline to vote for you. Apologies, only just seen it. Loving Cliff is no big sin….he has got better as he has aged. I loved his Devil Woman years and he is a great performer. I grew up with Summer Holiday and The Shadows etc and much prefer his alter work. Being in the Music Business and having managed Rock and Thrash bands, you might find my admission a little surprising. But, good music and good artists, are just that, good. Glad you had fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and do pop back soon.

    • Hi Jane thanks for visiting again, thanks so much for wanting to vote for me even though the deadline had passed, I appreciate the thought.
      For every one person who doesnt like Cliff there seems to be 20 people who do. He really does seem to divide opinion though!
      I really wasnt bothered about going to see him at all, but I did have fun. It is good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then (even if it is because my mum forced me):-)

  7. LOL – I did enjoy him ‘back in the day’ but don’t really like how he looks now after all the work that he has had done to his face. He should have just aged gracefully !!!!
    Have a great week !

    • I couldn’t really see his face too clearly to be honest because of the lights, but I did notice that he has a good thatch of hair still. Not sure if thats real or not.
      He still seems to have a good voice as well depsite his years, there are many others who are around the same age who’s voices really are going yet they carry on straining and sounding terrible. So fair play to him really, he must be doing something right to have been going for so long.
      He did make me laugh though when he said he had his first hit in 1958 – 20 years before I was born. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  9. Very funny I can just see you clapping along, bet you knew all the words too. Really enjoyed your tale and I popped over from @dorkymum #TuesdayTreats

  10. I *might* have known some of the words. :-/ Glad you liked it.
    Thank you for popping over, I appreciate you taking the time to have a read. ๐Ÿ™‚

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