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A Miserable night.

It has been a week now since mum and sis left Australia and I am missing them a lot. I really enjoyed their time here and we did some fab stuff while they were here.
On one particular night, the plan was to pop along to the cinema to go and watch that well known comedy ‘Les Miserables’.

I had been looking forward to going to see it for ages as I have never seen it on stage before but know many of the songs word for word having sung pretty much all of them when I was in the school choir. I really should have been on the stage, I clearly missed my vocation you know! Anyway, I had been trying in vain to get husb to come with me but to no avail, as he ‘doesn’t do musicals’. So I was so happy when sis and mum were as excited about going to see it as me.

We headed off to the cinema stupidly early leaving husb to babysit the Bear and nephew in law. We had bought our tickets way in advance so all we needed to do was turn up, get our cinema snacks and go and watch the film.

Even we couldn’t mess that up. . .

Stupidly overpriced, snacks and drinks purchased, we were ready to go.

Heading up to the usher excitedly chatting away, I gave the usher the tickets who said simply
‘thanks guys, that’s 4, 5 and 6’
and then we were through the velvet rope and into the main bit.

Once through the rope there stretching out before us on the right hand side were screens 4, 5 and 6 just as the usher had said.

We were a little bewildered inititally wondering where to go until I realised that as Les Miserables had just been released and it was so popular that of course it would be on in the larger screening room and that all 3 doors go into the same place.

Of course.
Silly me.

I pointed this out to sis and mum, how we laughed at how silly we were and in we marched through door number 4. I let sister and mum through before me before slamming the door shut loudly behind me (by accident due to a popcorn/coke/ice cream situation I had going on).
By the time I had got through the door, sis and mum were already well on their way down the steps to find our row.

It was a bit dark in there which was a little surprising as I thought we were early, but quickly dismissing the thought I also made my way down the steps loudly enquiring of sis if they had found our seats.

Sis stormed on ahead after I had hollered at her that we were row G following my cursory glance at the tickets and she began to ask those already sitting to stand up so she could get through to our seats.

There seemed to be a lot of tutting going on and sis told the lady that she was trying to get passed to stop moaning as it was only the adverts. Honestly some people just need to chill out!

Anyway, as I began to follow suit I glanced up at the screen again to be presented with,


Now, I am no movie buff but I am pr-etty sure Denzel Washington was not in Les Miserables.

I froze, retrieved my tickets and bent down balancing popcorn, ice cream and other assorted treats next to some random very annoyed man to inspect them by the light of the emergency lighting on the floor.

The penny dropped as I read.

Les Miserables
Screen 1
Seats G4, 5 and 6.

Shame faced and thankfully still in the dark, given that the film was halfway through, I retreated and stage whispered to mum and sis who were still jostling with the irate lady on the end of the row, that we needed to leave.

I backed up the stairs, sis thankfully saw my retreating figure and stopped jostling with annoyed lady to loudly enquire why I was leaving.

Do you see what happened? Do you? You see you silly sausages, we were only in the wrong flipping film, – what silly billys we are.



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6 thoughts on “A Miserable night.

  1. hahahahaha. how embarrassing!! ahh well, made for a good story! My husband and I were on a flight from Atlanta to Detroit once, and when they announced that info, a woman stood up and said, “What?! I am going to Dallas!!” So….it could have been worse? 🙂 Of course I freaked out about the security for the rest of the flight – if a woman could get on the wrong plane, who else could get on it!?

  2. Oh no how bad is that! I mean I know we were pretty stupid but what kind of drongo manages to get on the wrong flight, I agree definitely disturbing that she managed to get that far and she was actually shown to her seat!! :-/
    There were no ushers in the cinema – perhaps if there had been my sister wouldn’t have nearly come to blows with the unsuspecting film goer!!
    I blame it all on the poor ‘ushing’ of the usher outside 😀

  3. Hahaa that’s really funny! If my hubby read this he would probably say I would do something like this!

  4. Rita Azar on said:

    Hahaha! Hilarious Rhian! This is so much something I would do! So did you end up seeing Les Miserables? Did you like it?

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