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Sydney Shenanigans

Last weekend we took on Sydney. We have been meaning to go for ages, after all it is the iconic Australian city. We can’t go to/live in Australia without going at least once.

As it turned out once is definitely not enough, we did all the main sights this weekend as none of us had been to Sydney before. (By ‘none’ I mean me or husb, the Bear would be doing well if he had managed to go without us, I know they grow up so fast nowadays but that would be pushing it I think).
To make sure that we got to see as much as possible we stayed pretty centrally in Darling Harbour.

Apparently I missed a HUGE blogging conference that was taking place in Sydney by a matter of 2 days, you Aussie bloggers may have heard of it DPCON13? Well I may have missed it, but I am hoping that I have learnt something bloggy anyway by virtue of being in the same city soon afterwards, maybe by blogsmosis or something.

I also found out that I missed Ellen Degeneres by 1 day, she left to go to Melbourne the day that we arrived from Melbourne. Then she flew out of Melbourne the day we flew back to Melbourne. Seriously, anyone would think she was deliberately trying to avoid me. I mean, really, you go to a celebrities house with an ‘I love Ellen’ t-shirt on, you camp outside the house for a couple of months and suddenly you’re a stalker. It was one time Ellen, one time*. Can’t we let bygones be bygones?

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Going MAD

There are now just 3 days left until voting closes for the Mad Blog Awards 2013 and I know I have been banging on about it to anyone who will listen but guess what?
I am a freaking Finalist!.

I have been shortlisted in the ‘Most Entertaining Blog’ category.
Whilst I am absolutely over the moon that I have got this far, I gotta tell you, the pressure to be entertaining is starting to get to me. I won’t lie, I am starting to crack under the strain.

Just what is ‘entertaining’? I lie awake at night asking myself this very question. At 3am I wake in a cold sweat with the beginnings of a blog post forming in my mind, only for it to dance just out of my grasp as I try to get it down onto my iPhone. Is it good enough? What was it again? Thwarted, I fall into a fitful sleep before waking again at 4am so that I can wake husb and we can ponder the question together in the early hours of the morning.

Do I need to be consistently funny? Is that entertaining? Do I need to keep losing my underwear? Read more…

Yoga – A guide to faking your inner zen.

The other day I had a bit of time to myself after my gym class and I happened upon a yoga class that was just about to start. I dived in and in a tumble of loud sentences, announced my presence, asked if it was ok if I joined, asked if the class had started and was it alright that I didn’t have a mat.

All valid questions I think. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that yes, the class had already started and that there were a room full of women lying on the floor rudely roused from their meditative state by my loud entrance and were now looking on disapprovingly. Clearly they hadn’t found their inner peace at this point. Although quite how I missed (and didn’t trip over) 20 women lying on the floor I don’t know. Read more…

Mountains, Waterfalls and . .Trampolines?

Last weekend was Labour Day weekend so we hopped off for a fun filled family weekend away in the Grampians National Park. The Grampians are about 3 hours away from Melbourne. Or 4 and a half if you include taking the wrong motorway, trying to get back onto the right one, then getting on the right one but in the wrong direction, before exiting the right motorway in the wrong direction and taking a random B road to finally get on the motorway in the right direction.

Good job that didn’t happen to us eh. I mean how stupid would we have looked if we’d have done that.
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Australian Grand Prix

Living in such close proximity to Albert Park, for the last few days all we have been able to hear is the unmistakable roar of the F1 cars speeding around the track at Albert Park. Actually it is pretty difficult to be anywhere in Melbourne and not hear it.

I am not really into cars and husb is certainly no petrolhead but we got swept up in the whole thing, gave in to our curiosity and went down to the Australian GP for a bit of a nosey. Read more…

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