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Photo a run challenge

As you may know by now, I am a (relatively) regular parkrunner and I have previously regaled you with my highly embarrassing entertaining! running stories about my weekly 5Ks around Albert Park in Melbourne. What was that? You would like to read those stories again? But of course. As you can see when I run, it is never plain sailing!

Today’s park run was a bit different to the usual because as well as getting father-in-law in on it too. (I am like a one woman recruitment machine). The Melbourne Grand Prix also takes place in Albert Park so there is currently a flurry of activity going on to get it race ready meaning that our usual run looked a little different.

Would you believe me if I told you I usually run around a lake? – cue song about paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.

I have called this post ‘photo a run challenge’ because I am posting these pictures of my run to take part in an awesome cause from one of the great blogs that I follow called Run to Inspire. If you haven’t seen this blog then please go and have a look at it. As well as being a great premise for a blog, it is very funny and (I think) motivating. Plus I love all things celebrity so the fact that he lives in LA and recently ran past where the Oscars were being held practically makes him a celebrity.

On a more serious note Oliver is aiming to raise money to help homeless people with his ‘photo a run challenge’, read more about it here and get involved if you can.

So back to my (not quite awesome photos). I am not the best photographer at the best of times, but I nearly jumped out of my skin this morning when I was happily snapping away and a very loud, very burly builder screamed at me to get off the grass! So they are a bit shaky but you get the idea.

The starting grid.

The pit lanes.


So there you go, I am never going to make photographer of the year but I wanted to capture the excitement and what it all looks like behind the scenes.
It takes forever to put it all together and they actually build huge compounds from scratch and take away massive areas of grass just for this one week. Then it takes another month to put it all back the way it was again.

I encourage you to go and have a look at Run to Inspire. and hopefully you will feel inspired (see what I did there!) to a) go for a run and b) take some (better quality than I managed) photos.
Go on – see if you can beat my attempt!


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4 thoughts on “Photo a run challenge

  1. As a running nut and F1 fan this is right up my street! Thanks for sharing.

  2. very cool! if the rain up here ever stops (which is not looking likely any time soon) and I actually get to get out and run again, I will totally participate in this!

  3. 🙂 thanks, your photos would most definitely be better than mine absolutely guaranteed. It is pretty miserable up your neck of the woods isn’t, hope it brightens up soon.
    Look forward to seeing your pics. It is a good excuse to stop and have a rest too 🙂

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