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Pimp my Blog – The Sequel.

I still can’t believe that I have been shortlisted in the Mad Blog Awards 2013 in the ‘Most Entertaining Blog’ category. Who’d have thought my little stories and mishaps were entertaining!

Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for me to get this far. I am really grateful that you took the time to vote for me, so thank you and thank you again.

The MAD Blog Awards

So what does this mean? I hear you say.

Well it means that I am now through to the final stage and really need you to vote for me again, this time to win.

Voting is now open, so if you enjoy reading my blog, please could I ask you to vote for me one final time please. It will only take a minute to do I promise.

To vote please go to

and enter my blog URL

in the Most Entertaining Blog category. It is the one right at the bottom.

I would be forever and ever grateful if you voted for me again.

The last time that you voted you nominated me and the next stage is to vote for me to WIN!

If it helps, you are not just voting for me to win an award, no no. A vote for me is also a vote towards persuading my husb to let me fly back for the awards ceremony. Think of the joy you would be bringing to so many who have been deprived of my physical presence for so long!
There would be a camera crew (my iPhone) filming my sob story as I walk through the airport into the loving arms of my family, X Factor Stylee.
Simon Cowell would be applauding my challenge over adversity. Dermot O Leary (is he still X Factor UK presenter?) would wipe away a tear. So much emotion in the room.

Too Much?
Yep I agree Simon always pushes it too far.

Anyway I would really appreciate if you would take a minute to vote for me.

Too many pleases? Here’s another one for extra pleasy goodness.


and Thank you.

The End.


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11 thoughts on “Pimp my Blog – The Sequel.

  1. Rita Azar on said:

    I just voted! Good Luck!

  2. Thank you so much Rita, I really appreciate it. xx

  3. Anna Taylor on said:

    Hey Rhe

    Have just voted hon. You deserve to win as your blog is awesome and makes me smile! Good luck sweetie. Xxx

  4. Congratulations and best of luck! X

  5. Thanks for your visit to my blog and congratulations fellow finalist! Will you be able to make the awards? I’ve only just discovered your blog because of the MADs so will have a good read (I haven’t voted yet! ;))

    • Hey there no worries, I am enjoying working my way through all the finalists as well. A lot of them I don’t know. Thank you for taking the time to come and have a look at mine. I hope you enjoy what you read.
      I am *hoping* I can make the awards – working on husb as we speak!
      It would be great to meet you there if I can make it. 🙂

  6. Just voted for you, and linked to your blog on our facebook page! we are, fellow expats – just different city! Love reading your blog, keep it up, very entertaining!

    • Hi Matt thank you so much for voting for me and for the link, I really appreciate it. :-).
      Glad you like my blog I am checking out yours as we speak! (well in a min when I have written this 😉 )

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