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Australian Grand Prix

Living in such close proximity to Albert Park, for the last few days all we have been able to hear is the unmistakable roar of the F1 cars speeding around the track at Albert Park. Actually it is pretty difficult to be anywhere in Melbourne and not hear it.

I am not really into cars and husb is certainly no petrolhead but we got swept up in the whole thing, gave in to our curiosity and went down to the Australian GP for a bit of a nosey. It was quite cool because it was free to get in as it was a ‘Heritage and Family day’ which meant that there were loads of events on and loads of old cars on display. As well as a little kids zone for the Bear to roam around in. He even got given his own little driving licence!


Husb was visibly excited by the whole thing he is usually quite an unflappable type but he was practically jumping up and down to get to see the cars and the drivers zooming round. I swear he nearly wet himself although he blamed it on the Bears water bottle leaking onto his trousers.

I must say though I did get totally sucked into the atmosphere, it was amazing. Albert Park was completely unrecognisable from the place that I usually kill myself running round every Saturday morning.



We managed to see David Coulthard doing laps of the circuit in his F1 car. (I think it was him, although to be honest they go past that fast it could have been Mr Blobby and I wouldn’t have known). They are so fast and loud, watching it on tv just doesn’t do it justice.


What do you mean you can’t see him? He’s right there!

I confess that I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get tickets for the weekend now that I have seen it all in real life. You know me I love a good celebrity spot and you are pretty much guaranteed a few at the GP.


Still, there is always next year!

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5 thoughts on “Australian Grand Prix

  1. Heidi on said:

    Never mind DC you saw LIGHTENING MCQUEEN!!! Will have a very very excited son when I show him in the morning xxxxx

  2. Which one is Lightening McQueen? The truck or the car? The Bear was oblivious to both. I am clearly not down with the kids. I am sure D will appreciate the time we took to get a picture!! xx

  3. Rita Azar on said:

    This is so true, watching it on TV really doesn’t do justice. We were there 3 years ago and even if I’m not into F1, I loved it!

    • It really doesn’t does it and that was only with 1 or 2 F1 cars on the circuit, I can’t imagine what it would be like with all of them – except deafening!
      Having been now, we are both really keen to go to the proper thing next year too. x

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