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Mountains, Waterfalls and . .Trampolines?

Last weekend was Labour Day weekend so we hopped off for a fun filled family weekend away in the Grampians National Park. The Grampians are about 3 hours away from Melbourne. Or 4 and a half if you include taking the wrong motorway, trying to get back onto the right one, then getting on the right one but in the wrong direction, before exiting the right motorway in the wrong direction and taking a random B road to finally get on the motorway in the right direction.

Good job that didn’t happen to us eh. I mean how stupid would we have looked if we’d have done that.

Aaaanywaaay, moving on.
Us being, well us really, we only realised that it was a bank holiday weekend about 2 days beforehand so we thought we would try and get away to make the most of the long weekend. We scrambled to book the whole thing at the last minute as is our norm, fully expecting to be staying in a cockroach infested dive (husb takes me to all the best places – well it was UK Mothers Day after all). Once we had negotiated the motorways and ignored the written directions we finally found our way to the Grampians Motel right in the heart of Halls Gap which is the main tourist centre. On arrival we were very pleasantly surprised.


There were loads of facilities, swimming pool, spa, lovely restaurant and a trampoline. Which is a good job because a trampoline is a deal breaker for me, I mean if there is no trampoline you might as well not bother I say.
The Motel was a mixture of motel rooms and little family units, I think we got the best unit out of the lot – not due to any planning by us clearly. We were in Bellfield Cottage which had a back garden on another scale.

Don’t get that in our London flat!

It was a pretty active weekend really considering it was knocking 38 degrees. What is it that they say about only mad dogs and Englishmen going out in the mid day sun!

We tackled ‘The Pinnacle’ walk on the first day. This was signposted as an ‘easy’ 2.1km.
It was neither easy or 2.1km – which we didn’t find out until we had completed 2.1km and were still nowhere near the top. After the 2.1km mark came and went, a bit more of my soul was destroyed with each further step I took in the searing heat of the day.

The Bear clearly ran up pretty much all of it mostly without stopping.


Once at the top, we stopped for half a second to catch our breath before dive tackling the Bear to the ground so that he didn’t run off the end of the Pinnacle. It did take both of us though, he is a slippery little sucker. As we approached him from both sides trying to herd him into position he managed to dodge us both and we almost head butted each other while Bear made his attempt to set the free fall world record back to the bottom. A lightning quick parental manoeuver avoided a certain death situation and we headed back down before any more of my blood vessels exploded.

I wonder if they do those back carriers in adult sizes?

We also headed over to Mackenzie Falls (though not on the same day!) which is another steep walk to get to the base of the waterfall. Bear put his foot down with this one though and advised us that he would not be walking down to the base of the falls with us. He would instead be sprinting in the other direction and then hiding. Of course being only 2 years old, he wasn’t quite as articulate as that which meant that having already walked quite a way down the mountain in the sweltering heat, I had to sprint back up to grab him kicking, squirming and screaming. He was going to enjoy it whether he liked it or not.

When we finally got there It was definitely worth the blow to the ribs that Bear administered for defying him.


I am not sure why we haven’t gone to the Grampians before now really. We will definitely be back it was bloody beryouderful mate!

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14 thoughts on “Mountains, Waterfalls and . .Trampolines?

  1. Anna Spanna on said:

    Looks beautiful Rhe. Xxx

  2. Rita Azar on said:

    Love the Grampians. What a beautiful place. The caravan park where we stayed… not that beautiful…

    • Ha Ha I must confess I do like a little cottage, I am not a great camper since having the Bear. Although I suppose we should try it really, although you are not really selling it to me Rita! 😉

  3. Looks awesome and congrats on making the finals! I’ve voted!

  4. You did well finding such a great spot at short notice – it certainly looks like you had an action packed long weekend!

  5. I love the Grampians – all the kangaroos and emus around Halls Gap are amazing. And we also did the Pinnacles walk – quite exhausting but lovely views!

  6. Yes I agree, definitely exhausting. Absolutely beautiful though, me saw loads of kangaroos, but only spotted 1 Emu. It is in our plan to go back there again though for a bit of Emu spotting. Unfortunately a small child screaming at the top of his lungs tends to scare them off a bit. ;-/ Thank you for coming to visit me.

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